Week 11 - Thanksgiving

NASHVILLE TN - NOVEMBER 21: Alterraun Verner #20 of the Tennessee Titans braks up a pass intended for Chris Cooley #47 of the Washington Redskins at LP Field on November 21 2010 in Nashville Tennessee. The Redskins won 19-16 in overtime. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Dear MCM/titan fans, 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, remember to count your blessings! However, it is another glooming week in Titan land. I know many people are frustrated that wins aren’t happening. As a team we are disappointed at some of the miss opportunities. But we assure you that the season is far from lost. We still have a great chance to shake things up. 

The Redskin game is a tale of the same story for these past couple weeks. We haven’t been making enough plays to win the game as a team. I must commend the Redskins and their game plan. They executed very well and responded well after their Monday night debacle. I felt like all areas could have improved a little to make the result so much different. 

Positives from the game were obviously Marc Mariani’s, who was named the AFC special teams player of the week, first punt return for a touchdown! That was an exciting play and not surprising from such an exceptional athlete as himself. I am starting up his Pro Bowl campaign today and I truly think he belongs in Hawaii already. Chris Johnson once again ran the ball really well. I believe that Rusty Smith came into the game and managed well. He looked poised and confident as he was playing. Defensively, we had our struggles but everyone gave much effort and we just got to start helping the offense out a tad bit more by getting off the field with turnovers. 

My performance was pretty decent overall. It is just really overshadowed since we lost and I gave up my first legit touchdown. That really sucked, but hey you slip sometimes and Santana Moss is an established receiver. My run support was ok; coverage was pretty good except for that td catch and the penalty, which I had to create to prevent a td. Wish I could have pulled down that interception in overtime. Would have been big for us. But the referees made the correct call. So hopefully I can get back on the interception streak again this week. It has been quite a while.

So we are on to the next week, we are starting to go into our division. Houston Texans are in a slump, but not a slouch by any means. We have to contend with a high-powered offense that includes Andre Johnson and Arian Foster. I am looking forward to this match-up for this is a team that questioned my toughness during the draft. We all know how important this game is and that is how we been dealing with it. Rusty Smith will be fine this week and I have good confidence in him. I know he is preparing like crazy and I have faith in his judgment. 

Personally, I was super excited to see Harry Potter this past Friday. It was really good. I can’t wait for Part II to come out next year. My girlfriend came to visit me for the week and to spend Thanksgiving with me. This has been a real treat. Her family came to the game this weekend also. So, as this is Thanksgiving, I actually just completed making my second annual Sweet Potato Pie, the Verner way. It looks pretty good, but I will dig into it tonight. We are also cooking roast, turkey, and other thanksgiving favorites. Lastly, My girl and I went to see the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s Mansion. It was a cool experience for the fact I was just expecting to see it a house. I was impressed that everything was mostly an original and how they change the house according to the seasons. We also got to see the slave quarters, the tomb, and other stuff on the tour. 

But overall it has been a true blessing everything bestowed upon me. From a wonderful family, great girlfriend, splendid friends, and most importantly a loving God. My week has been blessed and my life will continue to be blessed. Happy Thanksgiving again to everyone and may you be as blessed as I. 


Alterraun Verner #20

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