You've got to be kidding... I am utterly baffled.

I have worked in local news for many years and I cannot believe the state of the media these days.  Reporters, to get ahead, will do anything to turn a molehill into the biggest mountain of a story ever.   I can guarantee you that some sh*t saw VY looking unhappy after the game and saw him throw his customary souvenirs of the game into the stand and having never seen VY do that before automatically thought, "oh my gawd, he's chunking his equipment at the fans like that Giants guy did with his helmut last month!"    And because it's VY... this story explodes and takes on a life of its own with not one person yet providing any substantiation. 


You guys got to face it... VY has been a media whipping boy from the beginning of his NFL career and you are buying into the biased bull once again.  Do you know how a Yahoo Sports column detailed VY's involvement in the Redskins game?  "Young was only 14 out of 18 with NO TOUCHDOWNS.  The crowd was booing him at every incompletion."  Thus, making 4 incompletions seem like 20.  This is par for the course when it comes to writing a story involving Vince Young.  Read every story written about him, listen to every analyst talk, they will never give him a fair shake.  He is outnumbered. 


If you don't think Fisher knows this media slant and is using it to his advantage, then you are choosing to be blind.  He tells his players not to say anything about the incident yet he is the only one who gets to talk about it and leaks information to the press?  Is he afraid the players will say something contradictory to his story? Afraid they will side with Vince? 


The fact of the matter is Fisher never liked Young, he benches him  at will... Fisher has a history of screwing with Vince -- many of you who are now suddenly VY haters screamed about it in your previous posts.  Why the change?  Because he chose to stand up to a coach who chooses to lose on purpose?  Leaving an aging QB in for six straight losses?  Leaving a rookie in in overtime in a must win game?  Please explain to me why VY is showing more emotion and love for this team than their fans?  Would you have him sit and take the Fisher abuse so we can watch loss after loss?  


Keep defending Fisher... but let me ask you this... has Young ever badmouthed Fisher to the press?  The issue between them was an internal matter that took place off the field in the locker room until Fisher trotted it out for all to see.  So tell me who is the unprofessional one again?  


Fisher favors players and makes it hell for those he doesn't like.  Haynesworth even said it.  When he left, he said VY was never going to get a shot in that organization.  If they don't like you, they don't like you. 


The only thing Vince Young is guilty of is being unpredictable -- on the field and off of it.  He's NOT unpredictable off the field in the sense that he kills dogs or rapes women or sends pictures of his privates to unimpressed women.  He's unpredictable off the field in that he might skip a meeting to be a father figure and attend an event for McNair's sons, or be at the opening of his restaurant on his BYE WEEK, etc...   


And on the field? He is full blown crazy to watch!    He always gives us hope when he is in the game.  You guys can suddenly downplay his winning percentage and do what you have to do to side with Fisher, but the fact of the matter is -- he is riveting to watch.  We have been lucky to experience magic many times with him...  you think you are going to get that with the Matthew Stafford of the leagues?  Stafford lands the second highest rookie contract ever and has played like two whole games in three seasons.  The Detroit fans are still kind to him however... whereas, here in Tennessee, they cheer when VY gets hurt.  That's classless and immature.  Philly anyone? 


And after reading that all of his wins are now suddenly against "crap teams."  Oh really???  Where were these posts when the wins were happening? I recall a lot of happy people around here when he turned the Titans around.


Please pick a side and stay on it.  You can't write posts two months ago talking about how Fisher is messing with VY's head in the Pittsburgh game, feign astonishment that VY seemed so healthy in relief of an injured Collins in the Miami game, and see the obvious pattern of disrespect and then turn on VY when he has had it.  Fisher pushed VY to the point of no return and he knows it.  And you know it.


You cannot turn on a guy who wins and wants to win and is being prohibited from doing so.  Maybe I'm a different kind of fan -- one that watches all the games, sees through the media bias, and is thrilled that someone had the balls to tell Fisher to stop sandbagging this team.


Thank you VY for showing a passion to win... to defy a regime that's been in place too long  headed by a coach known only as the longest tenured coach and nothing else.  You guys keep ripping on VY, but you tell me what epic games you remember.  Is it that 99 yard TD drive against the Cardinals? The Houston game?  Pure gold.  Amazing football to watch and orchestrated by an amazing QB.  Remember that - as you continue to vilify VY and join all the other sheep in the media.     A media mind you that hypocritically sides with Favre when he stands up to his coach and idolizes Vick who once shot the bird at Falcon fans.


And one last thing... those of you who sit here burning VY to the ground are the same hypocrites who laud the arrival of Randy Moss --- someone who openly quits on his teams DURING GAMES.  Where is the hate towards Moss? -- someone who actually has a history of repeated outbursts and selfish behavior towards players, coaches, fans... you name it. 


Reading most of these posts for the past three years has been mind-boggling and truly baffling.  There is no coherence to opinions,  they are fickle and change at will in an absolutely nonsensical manner..  Fisher was an idiot just two weeks ago and now he is a remarkable coach?!  Give me a break.  Formulate an opinion and have the balls to stick to it.   And when you have that opinion, be sure to apply it equally to all players you judge.  


VY came from nothing... he wasn't a coach's son, didn't come from football pedigree, has faced critic after critic all his life... and he succeeded despite it all.  And he made our Titans succeed despite Fisher hoping/praying/wishing he wouldn't.  He is an inspiration to a lot of kids, including my own - one of which is a suburban teenager who grew up inspired not by Manning or Brady, but by a player who has beat the odds.  And throughout Young's career with the Titans, he keeps asking me why they won't let him just play.  His opinion is completely unaffected by the press and based on simple game-watching.  


And isn't that really what's it all about?  Did you become a football fan watching a coach or a player?

I would guess that it's the latter for most of us.  Vince is far from perfect -- which is what makes him interesting and dynamic-- but he certainly does not deserve the smear campaign being directed at him, especially because he simply got too emotional about a game we all love.


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