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I'm gonna do my best to explain why (I think) I feel the way that I do.  I even asked for help with this yesterday when I couldn't figure out what was going on in my head in the (pull up a chair gentleman) fanpost. Where to start, I guess I should start by saying we will never know the truth about anything, so we always have to read into everything.  It was like the steroids in baseball thing 5-10 years ago.  Try and figured everything out for yourself and do your best to read between the lines with everything Vince or Fisher has to say.  Its really easy to do with Vince cuz in all reality he's kinda dopey.  Much harder to do with Fisher cuz he can be kinda sneaky which is actually something I always liked about him.  So pretty much everything that I feel I pretty much made up for myself lol.

I wouldn't say Fisher had it out for Vince from day 1, but I don't feel he ever wanted him which is pretty common knowledge.  It started when Bud decided to draft him.  There was an instance in a game a few years ago where VY kinda challenged Fisherball, I believe it was against Jax.  Vince took it upon himself to audible to a pass on a 3rd down while we were running out the clock. I really think Fisher wanted to be done with him then. I don't think he liked being questioned.  In that case Fisher was in the right, but it was a way bigger deal and stuck if Fisher's mind more than people think.

I really feel Vince quit on the team as everyone else did 2 years ago verse Jax.  While I wanted nothing to do with him for a time,  I forgave him as a fan for that. Everyone obviously deserves a 2nd chance.  I don't think Fisher on the other hand ever did, nor did I think he had any plans to have him as his starter ever again.

Fisher was forced by ineffective play by Collins, the lack of another option last year and Bud to put VY back out on the field at 0-6.  I'm sure Vince knows this and feels the same way.   After last the last 10 games of last season and the start that Vince got off to he was starting to feel it was his team.  He was the leader, and he could take this team where it needed to go.  

The game against the Steelers I would say we all would agree we were pretty surprised to see VY get benched. It was probably pretty shocking for him as well, and I think at that point VY was hurt and didn't really show it.  I think at that point VY had given up on Fisher whether he was named starter the following week or not, VY's confidence was shot and the leadership role took a serious hit.  Whether the intent was there or not Fisher pretty much said to VInce and the rest of the team "Fuck you" this is my team.  

Vince was healthy enough to start against Miami.  Fisher saw an opportunity to start Kerry and took advantage of it.  Like I said this is just how I see it.  Vince wanted to start and Fisher probably said something along the lines of "I don't wanna see you hurt yourself further to jeopardize our season" all the while hoping Kerry went out there to tear it up to give him a reason to hand Kerry the job.  The media starts to question Vince's toughness which just keeps fueling the fire in Vince's head.

Through all this time while Dinger drew em up Fisher made the decisions on how they approached the playcalling.  You couldn't help but notice that when Collins was in we always made a point to throw the ball downfield, it really stood out in the Philly game.  There were numerous times when we as fans said "please let this guy throw the ball more", even this year.  You don't think this had a effect on Vince's mindset and how they felt about him?  Furthermore adding more fuel to Vince's fire.  

Now don't get me wrong, you all know I love and respected Fisher just as much as the next guy, but why is everyone acting like we just started questioning him and some of his decisions?  Like some of us hate him for what happened with Vince.  Like we have to take a side in this right now.  We have been question Fisher since 0-3 last year.  The decisions to make Ryan Mouton a returner, to cut all other return options.  The decision to constantly send Nick Harper out there to get torched week after week.  The constant personal fouls, the constant penalties all over the place whether its an encroachment or a hold.  If Eugene Amano can't make a block without getting a holding penalty, fuckin find someone who will.  If the DTs and DEs can't get penetration without getting 15 encroachment penalties a game, fuckin find someone who will. Now I'm not blaming the fact that this team doesn't have a Super Bowl in his time here squarely on his shoulders.  Just saying we haven't always been on his or a side.  And for the life of me I cannot understand why every time someone questions a Fisher decision the wanna be Fisher apologist have to jump out and say "Here we go, lets fire Fisher for this too" sarcastically.  You can question a coach without wanting him fired.  Fisher is adored throughout the country for being a guy that players like to play for cuz he takes it easy on em throughout the otas, doesn't kill em in practices and camps, he's well spoken, obviously smart, he's good looking, so he's a pretty well rounded guy.  He's not known as a winner, and that's what matters to me

Where I'm at with Fisher, and some of you have said some of the same.  He's become very prideful, his ego has gotten in the way more than once over the last couple of years I don't know what he's trying to prove, but I've seen enough of the Elvis sunglasses and the finely tuned beards.  I wanna see this team legally punch other teams in the mouth, this guy let the beard grow how it wants, take off the shades and pretty shirts and find ways to make this team work on a consistent basis.   No more 8-8s.  While I know VY can be a bit of a child at times, can anyone on here say Fisher has done the best he can with Vince?  I would say if anything he has actually brought out the worst in him.

On to the VY situation and why this is different for me than the usual "I'm going to dismiss him, nor do I care for him anymore at all" routine I go through with some clown ass players.  I actually feel for the guy, Lord only knows why... He's been handed everything on a Silver platter and he still finds ways to Fuck it up.  I feel that he learned a lot from his mistake a couple years ago against Jax,  I feel that he worked hard to get better, I feel he worked hard to become a leader, yet he still makes those mistakes as a person that make you shake your head.  As a player I really think he's turned the corner, and I do not wanna start fresh and wait for the next guy to progress.  I'm 33, I take being a fan serious.  Every single year I say a team is gonna win the Super Bowl, by the time I'm dead odds are mine has to be one of them.  This will prolong that experience in my opinion.  Some of you I know feel Vince doesn't have what it takes mentally to do this.  I think in the right situation with the right support he can.  Yeah sure he's more fragile mentally than a lot of other QBs for whatever reason, but really who doesn't want to be loved?  I still play sports competitively, I play in a full contact flag league with some pretty good athletes.  I also play open modified/sling softball leagues.  I run some of the teams,  there's guys on team anywhere from 1-15 years younger than I am... Some good, some bad but I see how they are.  I see the big difference on my son's teams from how shit was when we played.  The athletes are a bit more babyish and high maintenance than they used to be.  I'm the guy that runs hard when I ground out, jogs back to the dugout and puts his helmet down, gets ready to play some more... I'm the guy on the football field that plays as hard as I can every single play and rarely shows emotion.  But I see the kid in that younger age group fly out, start cursing, throw their helmets, text in the dugout the whole ordeal... I see the guys on the football field that can't keep their mouths shut no matter what they do good or bad.  I look at Vince and I see a younger guy that has this mostly under control...  I can forgive and root for him cuz I really think he's a good guy.  I don't see the T.O. crap in him, he doesn't call out teammates, he doesn't cry when they don't let him throw the ball.  He threw a fit cuz he wanted to go back in the game and the coach wouldn't let him.  He was trying to disprove the naysayers, and was deprived of that opportunity.  Fisher based on his injury was actually right this time, but Vince probably looked at it as Fisher's way of keeping him off the field again.  

I look at the mistake he made and can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing he did.  We all get pissed in the heat of the moment, we are all still human beings with emotions, Vince falls into that more emotional category.  I feel he loves football, wants to win a Super Bowl and will make mistakes emotionally for the rest of his life.  It's just who he is, he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He didn't walk off the field in the middle of a loss after an interception while being booed, but that's how he's being treated.  He didn't stomp on a helmetless players face while on the ground, he didn't run anyone off the road.  He didn't get wasted and drive his car into another vehicle and kill someone. He isn't fat and a complete waste of space like Jemarcus Russell, he's not Ryan Leaf.  What Vince did in my eyes isn't really all that bad.  It's not like he's done anything like Pacman and countless others have done, and we are giving him less chances but the same scrutiny. Can't figure that out.  I really wanna support him through it.  And no I'm not from freaking Texas, not every guy that wants to support Vince has to be from Texas. I'm from the tri state area, which is where N.Y. NJ and PA meet.  And a lot of the friends I have from this area that are true football fans feel the same way I do about the situation, which has actually been pretty surprising.  I have a lot more to say but need to get the hell off here for a bit lol... Sorry for any typos.  Feel free to call me dumb...

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