Question from a Longhorn fan to true Titans fans:

I posted this in the Either Vince Young or Jeff Fisher Will Not Be a Titan thread, but since that thread is 500+ comments, I thought it might get lost so I'm reposting...


I am admittedly a Longhorn fan, first and foremost, but I started rooting for the Titans because of VY. I continued rooting for you guys because you’re exciting to watch and really have some great talent on the offensive side (even discounting Vince) with CJ and Britt.

Now on to the whole Fisher-Young fight, does your view on the entire debacle change if it comes out that Vince did in fact want to go in and was kept out by Fisher?

The reason I ask this is because of the’s take on the whole thing from Steve Wyche. In the article, he seems to indicate that various players were more annoyed with Fisher than with Young.

Case in point:

Titans players did not elaborate on the situation — wide receiver Nate Washington said players were told not to speak about Young — but they seemed as annoyed with Fisher, maybe more so with a loss that dropped them to 5-5. Griffin would not go into much detail but he told me that "egos" were an issue. He did not specify if he meant Young, Fisher or anyone in particular but said people have to let go of their "egos."

He added: "I’ve been playing with (Young) for a total of seven years. Vince is a great player, a great teammate. What’s going on right now is (between) him and Coach Fisher. I’m behind him 110 percent. If a change has been made, that’s up in the air. All I can do, I’m behind him 110 percent. I support him. He’s a friend. He’s like family. When I’m down, he picks me up. I wish him the best and hopefully we can get things straightened out."

Said running back Chris Johnson: "Vince is a great player. He’s just a guy that wants to be out there on the field and making plays, so no distraction at all."

Other Titans players voiced surprise at the news — or at how the news was delivered. "I’m very surprised," wide receiver Nate Washington said. "We were told to keep our mouths shut. To hear something like that, I don’t know what to do."

These don’t seem like comments from players who have lost faith in Young (and Johnson's quote seems to hint that Vince actually wanted to go back in). They actually seem slightly favorable toward Young, considering the gag order that has been placed on them. I was wondering what you guys thought.

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