MCM Play of the Week (Week 10)


This has been a weird year. We've had 3 or 4 of those games where you think, "That was one of the most infuriating games I've ever watched." This week definitely fits into that category. The fact that the Titans couldn't take advantage of the many misfortunes of the Dolphins is completely inexcusable in the NFL. We are starting to learn that this a very average team that just capitalized in key situations early in the year. If we can't rebound this weekend, kiss the postseason goodbye. Oh, and 1 more rant before we get to this week's contest: I have seen nothing in Bo Scaife's play this year that says that he should be a starter in this league. He's an average blocker at best, can't break a tackle and offers absolutely no upside. The Stache needs to get over his man-crush on Bo and find a TE that can make plays for this offense. Wait, we already have one of those on our team?

Videos after the jump...

A. Chris Johnson 17-yard TD run.

There's no question that Randy Moss had a huge impact on the running game this week, even making some nice blocks. This is the first game this year that CJ has looked like CJ2K. Leroy Harris had the key block on this run.

B. Cortland Finnegan intercepts Chad Henne.

What really bugs me about this play is that Chris Hope should have been back covering the area that Brandon Marshall would have been in if Henne were to make an accurate throw. Finny made a nice play on the ball, though, and came up with a really nice catch, giving our offense a chance before the end of the half.

C. Vince Young to Nate Washington 14-yard TD pass.

Hands has been tremendous for this offense so far this year. VY made a perfect throw, too. After this TD, I thought we were definitely going to come back and take over the game. Unfortunately, Chuck Cecil and our linebackers had a different plan.

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