LP Field

Maybe its because I only get down there for one or two games a year. Maybe its the economy in the last few years. Maybe, as I read somewhere, it is the fact that the novelty has worn off.

But what I just cant seem to get over, is the fact that there are always SO MANY fans of the opposition in LP Field. I first started being able to afford to come to Nashville in 2002. When I came down then, it was like Titans heaven. It was so great to walk the streets downtown on Saturday & be able to talk Titans with strangers. & to see people in Titans stuff all over town.

In the last few years, it doesnt seem the same to me. I came to the Packers game 2yrs ago, & their fans were everywhere. There was even a band from WI. playing in one of the bars on Broadway! Great people, but there were so many. Broadway felt like it was in Green Bay.

Last year I was at the Buffalo & Cards games. There were quiet a few fans from both sides there for those games as well. Although not as much as other games I've attended.

 Even the playoff game vs the hated Ravens, there were tons of their fans everywhere. & it was a freakin home playoff game!!!!

This last week made me sick. There was so much orange in the seats. When the Broncos team took the field for warmups, the roar from the crowd was embarassing. When they won, the roar was even louder.


Now, I understand that I'm staying in hotels, just like a fan from an out of state team. So I'm going to be exposed to more visiting teams fans. & for the most part, they are good people(except ratbird fans who dogged LP after the game, made fun of Fisher, & downtown Nashville). But I cant understand how LP has turned into what it has...a place where visiting fans can essentially take over.

I can tell u that in Cincy & Cleveland, where the economy is garbage, u wont see a ton of visiting fans there. Maybe, its not just LP, maybe it is a trend that is happening around the leauge. But I know the 2 stadiums here, u better be ready if u go in wearing another teams colors. & its true for alota stadiums around the leauge. Dont get me wrong, I love the fact that Titans fans are respectful & polite to visitors. When my son gets old enough, I can bring him there & not worry about beligerant drunks acting like 15yr olds, like I do up here. Titans fans are great. & I aslo understand that if people werent selling their tickets online, I'd never get to go myself. I just wish that there werent so many fans there cheering for the other team.

Am I the only one?

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