The Dallas Cowboys Players/Positions to Watch

Thanks to the overall positive responses from the people who take their lime to read this I will continue to post these on a weekly basis at least until the majority of you tell me to stop.

After the Titans dropped a heart breaker to Denver, the Titans will look to bounce back against the Dallas Cowboys.  The cowboys had their struggles early in the season but enjoyed a week 4 bye.  In their last game they beat the surging Texans in the "Battle for Texas" in which they were the underdogs for once.  Dallas is another one of those pass first offences with a largely ineffective run game this season (so far).  The Cowboys also boast a very formidable 3-4 defence that is among the best in the league when they are on their game.  Now on to the Players to watch:


Cowboys WR Corps

Miles Austin filled in the gap left by TO last year and he is showing that it was no fluke this year.  If their is one thing that is working for the Cowboys offence it's Romo to Austin.  What is unbelievable is how good of a route runner he actually is, if you actually seen the Cowboys play this year Austin is wide open on the majority of plays they run.  It shouldn't be a mystery as to who will be assigned to Austin.  But Finnegan will have his hands full covering him this upcoming Sunday.  Roy Williams is one of the most polarizing receivers that I have ever seen.  When Williams is on his game he is a downfield threat and a reliable target.  But when Williams isn't on his game then he becomes almost invisible on the field.  But since first round pick Dez Bryant is breathing down his back ready to steal his job Williams has been preforming like he did when he was in Detroit.  Dez Bryant was the Cowboys first round pick this year and they have been targeting him often.  He has been showing great ball skills and good playmaking ability.  He has some room for improvement but this Cowboys WR Corps is one of the best in the NFL when they are on their game.  The Titans secondary will have its hands full when the Titans travel to Texas.   


Jason Witten

One of the most dangerous TE in the game today, he is a good blocker but an even better pass catcher and route runner.  Romo to Witten is as potent to the Romo to Austin passing combination.  It generally depends on how good the linebackers and safeties can cover the middle of the field in order to eliminate Witten from the passing game.  A good pass rush will also help eliminate Witten from the passing game.


Tony Romo

Tony Romo is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL,  when he is on his game he is an elite QB and can hit almost all the throws he is asked to make.  But when he gets knocked off his game he tries to do to much and when he does that it usually ends up as a turnover.  So the key to stopping Romo and the Cowboys passing offense is to get the pass rush going and get to him early and often to knock him off his game.


Cowboys Linebackers

The Cowboys linebackers are the heart of this defence.  They are incredibly effective as rushing the passer and stopping the run.  With a cast of DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Keith Brooking, and Bradie James is enough to make any O-line nervous when they line up across from them.  This will be THE match up of the game and who ever wins this matchup will win this game.  The Titans O-line will have to step up after being embarrassed against the Broncos last week and be up to this challenge.  Screens and quick passes should slow them down a bit but the O-line will have to dictate how this game will be played.


Terrence Newman, Mike Jenkins, & Orlando Scandrick

The Dallas CBs are one of the most overlooked units in the NFL.  Terrence Newman when he is on his game is a defensive playmaker with amazing ball skills.  Mike Jenkins is also a young emerging ball hawk that is largely overlooked by the media as Big D's offence and LBs hog the spotlight.  Orlando is a different story he can play extremely well or extremely poor in any given game.  When he plays extremely well the Dallas D has a great day but when he doesn't then teams can operate their passing game seemingly at will from the slot as the Cowboys safeties are average at best.  The best way to counteract the Cowboys CBs is to go deep and early and hope that the Titans receivers will outrun the CBs because their safeties are not very good at one on one when the ball is in the air. 


Keys to Victory:

  • Throw the Ball to open the run
  • Win the "battle in the trenches"
  • Win the turnover battle
  • Get to Tony Romo
  • Force Romo off his game
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