MCM Play of the Week (Week 7)


Now that was an impressive win by Kenny Britt, err, umm, the Titans. Actually, that game really was a full team effort. Ok, well, it was a nice effort by the entire defense and Kenny Britt. Other than Britt's first TD catch, the first half was pretty miserable to watch. The second half started out looking bad with KFC gunslingin', but then turned into one of the best halves of football we've seen from this team. Next week is shaping up to be a perfect trap game. It will take a full 60 minutes of good football to beat the Chargers, even though they're 2-5. Hopefully we can keep the mojo flowing (or whatever mojo does) into the bye week.

Videos after the jump...

A. Michael Griffin intercepts Kevin Kolb.

This is 4 games in a row with a pick. That's tied for 1st in the AFC. I thought Griff was going to be better than last year (I mean, that's not saying much), but he is completely back. It's like last year never even happened. This turnover was huge, considering it came right after KFC was trying to eff it all up for us, and eventually set up Britt's first TD.

B. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 26-yard TD pass.

What a way to come off the bench. Britt showed great body control to keep get his feet down. Ok, I'll give Collins some credit on this. He did put the ball in the right spot. Britt is starting to become one of, if not the best, jump ball receivers in the NFL.

C. Jason Jones forces fumble.

^^This guy^^ is a beast. If he doesn't make it to the pro bowl this year, ... well... I don't know where I was going with this but he really deserves to be there. This play completely turned the game around for the Titans. The Eagles were about to go up 23-7, most likely ending the game. And look at MCM's main man (and future DROY) Alterraun Verner once again making a huge play.

D. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 34-yard pass.

This is the play where I think 'Dinger recognized how much Britt was dominating Philly's CBs. If Britt finds a way to keep his feet in, he has would have finished with 269 yards and 4 TDs. Damn.

E. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 6-yard pass.

Wait. What the Hell is a 6 yard pass doing in POTW?! Well, I'll tell you why. This play was designed to go the Ahmard Hall but he was taken out of the play. Collins does an excellent job extending the play (Yeah, I know. I thought Hell would freeze over before I said this) and finding our hero along the sidelines for a 1st down. We didn't end up getting a TD on this drive but this play put us in position for a FG to close the gap on the scoreboard. We had to score on this drive to keep the momentum from the turnover.

F. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 80-yard TD pass.

Britt made a very nice adjustment to a horrible, horrible pass by Collins. I mean, seriously, Britt was WIDE OPEN (Oh yeah, you know I mean it when it's in caps, bold, and italics). How do you underthrow him by that much. It was really nice to see Britt finish off this play. Throughout his young career, he hasn't bee able to finish off long passes like this. He always seems to step out of bounds (see above), get tackled, or fumble.

G. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 42-yard pass.

I didn't really notice this until I started doing this write-up, but this pass should have been another TD if Collins hits him in stride. Oh well. Can't be too picky.

H. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 21-yard pass.

That's just good route running there. At this point, we were still only up by 1 point and this play helped extend the drive to an eventual TD.

I. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt 16-yard TD pass.

Ok, Kerry, here's some props. That was a great pump fake and perfect throw into tight coverage.

J. Cortland Finnegan intercepts Kevin Kolb for a TD.

Well it took awhile, but Finny finally got his first pick. That being said, he just doesn't look comfortable this year. Maybe it's because of the switch to the other side. If that's so they might want to put Cort back on the left and test ATV or McCourty on the right. If they don't figure something out, though, we're going to lose a game for that very reason. My favorite part of this play: Watch the D-Line work their butts off to block and get Finnegan the TD.

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