MCM Play of the Week (Week 6)



Nice big ol' pounding of the Jaguars. What else could a Titans fan ask for? It was really good to see the team overcome Vince's injury and get their second win at home this season (Heh :D). Usually you can't truly grade a draft until about 3 or 4 years afterwards, but I think we can already stamp a big A+ on this one. This win was huge because now we sit atop the AFC South with a 4-2 record. There's a huge difference between 3-3 and 4-2, not to mention the momentum we have now with 2 solid wins in a row. Next week will probably be the biggest test the team has seen so far this year. Hopefully they can continue their winning ways and get a big win against Philly. Go Titans!

Videos after the jump...

A. Vince Young to Kenny Britt 23-yard TD pass.

Ok, make that 4 weeks in a row with a big TD catch. We finally have a true #1 WR people! Teams are going to have to start taking a man out of the box so they can double team Britt, and that will make things much easier for CJ. This capped off a really really nice drive orchestrated by VY.

B. Michael Griffin intercepts David Garrard.

What a horrible, horrible throw by Garrard. I know his WR was supposed to cut in but that looked like it would have been picked anyways. Griffin was staring him down the whole time.

C. Kerry Collins to Bo Scaife 2-yard TD pass.

This is the text I sent out after VY was injured and the play was being reviewed.

No no let them keep the ball... I'd rather them have the ball there than KFC throw a pick 6

Thankfully, KFC proved me wrong and actually played great in relief. He came up big in some 3rd down situtations and looked like he had been the starter all year.

D. Alterraun Verner intercepts Trent Edwards.

Wow. Just wow. We may be watching the future Defensive Rookie of the Year. I really wish that there were 3 starter spots when Jason McCourty does finally come back, although ATV might have played his way into that starter role.

ATV: I know you won't vote for yourself, but keep it up, man. You're not making these plays on luck. Your hard work is paying off . Good things happen to good people and you're a star in the making. We here at MCM can't thank you enough for all you do for this site and Titans fans in general. Keep that MCM karma rollin'!

E. Vincent Fuller intercepts Trent Edwards.

Is there a nickelback in the NFL that makes even half the play the Vinny Fuller does? If you went and tried to find an answer to that, you just wasted a whole lot of time. Awesome job by this defense to keep the Bedazzlers out of the endzone.

F. Chris Johnson 35-yard TD run.

Well, I guess it's pretty obvious that CJ was in Fisher's ear at the end of the game to get those carries. Let's just hope it translates into plays like these, and not injuries (knock on wood).

Tell the world which play you voted for and why in the comments! Did I miss a play that you wanted to be in here? Let me know!

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If you're a Nashville Predators fan, head on over to On the Forecheck (the Nashville Predators SB Nation blog) and check out the hockey version of POTW.

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