Week 5 - Full Team Effort

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 10: Cornerback Alterraun Verner #20 of the Tennessee Titans returns his intercepton to the one yard line in front of tight end Martellus Bennett #80 of the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. The Titans won 34-27. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

A great win commenced in Dallas, Texas this week. I was so thrilled to beat this team for multiple reasons. So I will unveil some of those reasons. First, I grew up a Jerry Rice fan so they played the Cowboys a lot. I naturally didn’t like them in that point in time. (Ironically saw Mr. Hanks before the game also, which was pretty cool since I watched him growing up). Another reason was I remember seeing a draft board of theirs and they had me as a 5th round consideration. So that was the highest they would consider me. So that obviously didn’t sit to well with me. Then lastly, I know way too many cowboy fans. From uncles, cousins, friends from high school and college, they are everywhere. So it was a great feeling to have them all upset for a weekend and to be a part of it was even sweeter.

The game was a thriller, and I was nervous, but excited the whole game. It was a game you wanted to be in and dream about. Going down to the wire and having to make big plays to win the game in dramatic fashion. We kept exchanging scores by the end of the 2nd quarter to the end of the game. Something as a defender you don’t want necessarily, but acknowledge it happens and realize that we have to make a play sooner or later to allow our team an opportunity to win. So it was a marvelous game that I am still excited about winning.


Key players are hard to say. I can list the whole team. It was truly a great team effort on many accords. Chris Johnson got his new streak started back up and showing people that you should not ever count him out. I thought Vince Young managed the game well and I loved how he trusted his receivers and put it out there for them to make a play. All the receivers did an awesome job; with Nate making a circus grab over Scandrick and Kenny Britt’s diving catch was amazing as well. Speaking of receivers, Marc Mariani seems to always make a clutch KO return for us. Soon people will not kick the ball to him. He is just an amazing football player and he will only continue to get better!

Defensively, we all know we can do much better and we will. I have no doubt in my mind that this defense is a top 5 defense in the league. We are definitely that in the category of being the most opportunistic. Michael Griffin came up with another big INT. Tulloch has been continuing his good play. What about the Defensive of line with 6 SACKS on Romo!!! Very good indeed! So we definitely came to play, but the Cowboys are a very good team, so it is understandable that they made some plays in the game. You must give their talent some due respect.

So now to the interception-ALMOST pick 6. It was a very fortunate play that occurred. Coach made a call that I was not expecting at all. But the call allowed me to be aggressive. They ran that type of route combination multiple times during the game so I was familiar with it by that point in the game. I broke on the short man since he was my guy, but I was just thinking about making the tackle at that point. Since he seemed quite a distance away. But then I saw it was tipped at the line and caused the speed to decrease, so I decided to go for the pick. So I went for it and I thought I just broke it up, but somehow the football stayed with me and landed on my chest. At that point I was like lets get up, roll over and score. This is not college anymore I said in my head. I felt one defender hit me and I was like "nooooo". I was so close to the goal so I reached out to only get to the 1. I know I didn’t make it, but I know I gave us a shot for a TD. I mean we have Chris Johnson as our RB; he is going to find a way to score. I jokingly told him after the game I really wanted the score, but I will take him scoring too boost his fantasy points up. He looked and laughed at me. It was an opportunity I had to help my team and I am glad I was able to pull it off to give us a chance to win.

Personally, not too much has gone on. Did not get a chance to watch a movie since Social Network, which means I need to go and see one, so I am taking suggestions. I was upset the Bruins didn’t get the win against Cal, but I know they will bounce back because of their character! I will continue to be a big supporter. Booked my flight back to LA during the Bye week and looking forward to that weekend. Planning on spending it with the family.

So this week I am very excited for. It is a Monday Night football game, so everyone will be able to see it. We are playing the Jaguars, which is going to be a huge game for us, and I get to finally go against Mo Drew, fellow UCLA alum. So many things to look forward too and I am excited to get that going. I will be working to improve from last week and try my best again to help the team when called upon. So stay tuned and get ready for a great MNF game. God bless everyone and ay everyone have a prosperous week!

PS I know most of you have already, but if you feel right in doing so. Vote for me as the Rookie of the Week. It is an extreme honor to be nominated again. Nfl.com/rookies

Also Mariani, CJ, and Vince also have nomination on the NFL site.


Alterraun Verner

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