The Jacksonville Jaguars Players to Watch

After a huge win in Dallas this week the Titans enter this week at 3-2 looking to take the lead in the AFC South.  They will be heading into Jacksonville Monday night to face the 3-2 Jaguars.  The Jaguars have already played a division opponent in the Colts and beat them in a heart-attack inducing finish on a 59-yard field goal by kicker Josh Scobee.  While the Titans have not played a division game yet.  Now for the players to watch after the jump:



Maurice Jones-Drew and The Jaguars O-Line

At this point we should all know what kind of danger MJD & company can do when you are left unchecked.  But as he has been made relatively dormant so far and I could imagine the Titans will do their part to stop him.  MJD is the heart of this offence and (to me it seems) has been built around him.  The Titans will need to close up the running lanes and force David Garrard to beat this secondary by throwing into the secondary.  Because if the Titans cannot pull this off we will be looking at a long day Monday night.


Mike Sims-Walker

This kid is a rising star in the NFL and it seems like he has made great improvement from last year in his route running.  His stats do not do him any justice this season as he has been open quite a few times and Garrard has chosen to not throw him the ball.  The best way to neutralize Sims-Walker will be to drape Finnegan over him.  This season MSW seems to be struggling against press coverage as shown when they played the Broncos and they had Champ Bailey draped over him.  But in the 'bend but don't break' defence we run MSW could be looking at a huge day in the receiving yards column unless we can get to Garrard faster and more often then we got to Romo last week.


Aaron Kampman

He is a tackling machine and must be accounted for on every down.  He is a very disruptive force once he gets into a zone in which he becomes a regular in opponents backfields.  David Stewart will have his hands full on Monday night as he will more than likely be assigned to him on the right side.  He will have to show Kampman that he can and will push him around all game long and knock him off his rhythm which can buy VY more time in the passing game and open up running lanes to the outside for CJ.


Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox     

Rashean Mathis has kind of fallen off the radar as a top CB with the rise of Darrell Revis in New York (New Jersey) but he is still one of the best CBs in the game.  When he is on his game he can shutdown almost anyone in the league.  So VY will have to navigate to the less experienced but still good Derek Cox.  Cox is a very good, young cover corner much like our Jason McCourty with a little less notoriety.  He is good in man coverage just like Mathis but is zone coverage is a work in progress.  The best way for the Titans to take advantage of this secondary is to move the receivers to different sides of the field when passing and pass early like last game in order to make them back off the line because they are just as good in run support then in coverage.


Keys to Victory:

  • Get to Garrard
  • Stuff up the running lanes
  • Pass early to get the Jags to back off the run
  • Force Turnovers
  • Win the Turnover Battle
  • Special Teams, Special Teams, Special Teams


So those are my players to watch this week.  If you felt I left out anything or need to improve on when posting this leave a comment below.

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