MCM Play of the Week (Week 5)


Man, that game was boring. I was traveling this weekend, so I didn't get to watch the game, but I did get to listen to the beautiful voice of Mike Keith for 3+ hours while driving home. I apologize to anyone I may have run off the road in my fits of anger and excitement. We have 9 videos to choose from this week (and I had to actually cut a few off the list), and every single one has a chance to win. We'll see if the Titans can actually put up 2 consecutive wins next week. Go Titans!

Videos after the jump

A. Vince Young to Nate Washington 24-yard TD pass.

If you told me I'd be saying Nate "Hands" Washington in a positive way before this season started I would have slapped you in the face. What a way to finish off the first drive of the game. And someone tell me why Fisher has that "Holy crap, that play wasn't actually supposed to work" look on his face at the end.

B. Chris Johnson 29-yard run.

Why didn't you keep running to the right when you broke into the secondary, Chris?! You're going to lose a few votes because you didn't finish the run off with 6. Seriously, though; CJ2K will be fine.

C. Vince Young to Kenny Britt 12-yard TD pass.

I've got a great idea: When we're in the redzone and we need a TD, just tell Kenny Britt to run along the back of the endzone and Vince to throw it up to him. How many TDs has Britt scored like this? I don't think the Titans have ever had a receiver that uses his body like Britt does.

D. Michael Griffin intercepts Tony Romo.

Yep, he's back.

E. Vince Young to Kenny Britt 52-yard pass.

Let the man pass the ball! VY throws such a pretty ball. And another huge catch by Britt. This play does nothing but give CJ a little more room to run.

F. Chris Johnson 42-yard run.

Yep, CJ2K will be fine. Great blocks by Bo Scaife and Nate Washington on the edge.

G. Alterraun Verner intercepts Tony Romo.

It's ok ATV, go ahead and vote for yourself. And congrats on being the first player to lose your shoe and helmet on the same play! Tie those shoes a little tighter and that's 6 next time! Dave Ball makes a big play once again getting the tip, and then Verner goes from making the tackle to making the pick.


H. Marc Mariani 73-yard kickoff return.

Mariani has become one of the most exciting players on this team. He has a chance to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. What a great draft this has already turned out to be. This is a TD if your average kicker is out there (David Buehler is 6'2", 227 lbs and has played pretty much every position on the football field).

I. Stephen Tulloch intercepts Tony Romo.

Stephen Tulloch is quietly having a pro bowl quality year. He is tied for 3rd in the league in tackles (2nd among LBs), has a pick, and is the centerpiece of our greatly improved defense. I still thought that the Cowboys would find a way to tie the game up until Tully sealed it.

Tell the world which play you voted for and why in the comments!

If you're a Nashville Predators fan, head on over to On the Forecheck (the Nashville Predators SB Nation blog) and check out the hockey version of POTW.

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