Divisional Playoffs: My Picks and Why

Follow me after the jump to see who I picked.

Cardinals at Saints
Saints. We all know how the Saints started and how the Cardinals started, but all that's being thrown out the window. The Arizona cardinals proved last week they can shut down a young quarterback, in Aaron Rogers, but can they stop an old pro like Drew Brees? Brees has an insurmountable group of receivers and more than six have forty or more receptions. You better bet your bottom dollar that these boys know what they're doing and how to do it with a potent running games that can be released at any time. The Cardinals also have am old pro in Kurt Warner, who may in fact be getting to be to much of an old pro. Warner has played in the playoffs before and has won the Super Bowl in 1999 (XXXIV) when, as we all know who came up about a yard away from knocking down the door but that's besides the point. Warner has many receivers to throw to with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, who will be a a game time decision, leading the group. They also have a decent running game with Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower. The defenses are close to equal with both having their moments but the game will come down offense, but if a defensive pick must be made the saints would have to take it with their secondary.

Cowboys at Vikings
Vikings. OK, I have to admit that this one was a hard pick both have been excellent the past season and we would love to see both of them win, but for the sake of the playoffs this cannot happen. The Comboys have a good offense with a triple headed monster in the backfield, with Choice, Barber, and Jones at running back they will set the pace for the game. If the monster was to be slayed then they would have to rely on the arm of Tony Romo, that has proven to me that it can lead, but is that enough for the rest of the receivers to step up as much as Miles Austin has. The Cowboys have not one a divisional playoff game since 1992 and would love to get that monkey off their back as well. The Cowboys have one of the more powerful 3-4 defenses in the league and a good looking line backing core that was upgraded by the move of DE Demarcus Ware to OLB. I believe that they will give the old man a ride for his money. I love the old man and he loves football and that's why I think he will do good in this game. Brett Favre loves his farm and mowing his farm, but he wants a super bowl more than he wants to mow and I'm almost certain of that. This might just be Brett's last year and I'm sure he wants to go out with a boom and with his receiving core he may do so. He has one of the league's best receiving core with guys that know how to go and get the ball such as Percy Harvin and Sydney Rice, and not to mention a TE in Visanthe Shiancoe who has 11 red zone TDs. The Vikings defense is led by their defensive line and it's relentless pressure from Williams and Williams, and Allen. They will set the tone for the Vikings defense, which has no more than average at anything above the LBs. I think the Vikings will pull the strings and get a win.


Ravens at Colts
Ravens. Now before you go ballistic on me, I have a reason. I know we all hate the Ratbirds and we should after what they did to our Chris Johnson, but I mean seriously they showed the Pats absolutely no sympathy. The Colts and their MVP QB Seyton Peyton (Cheater) Manning have a very good offensive line that has only allowed a dozen or so sacks to Peyton since week 6 or so. Peyton has a group of WRs that are young and may get playoff shocked during the game and Peyton hasn't played full game since week 16 because of a coach's decision to put in Curtis Painter. So it will be a good chance to see if the starters can shake off the rust of a three week rest. It's no question that the Colts can score, but can they make stops defensively? Even though their defense has been shaky, it has improved. Their defense is built around the LB position and their success will depend on the success of their LBs. The Ravens have a young QB who couldn't get it done last year in the AFC Championship against the Steelers. They have a very good RB tandem in Ray Rice, who broke a 83 yard TD run to start their game last week, and Willis McGahee. The RBs in this game will the ball often and will be the heart and soul of this offense. They also have a notable LT in Michael Oher, who as we all know has one of the best sports movies of all time out now. With Joe Flacco at QB, he will be looking for Derrick Mason all day and possibly even some less known receivers from time to time, but I believe that Flacco will not throw much. The Ravens have one of the most feared defenses in the league and will bring the heat at the Colts. Even with Samari Rolle out expect Peyton get picked at least once in this game.

Jets at Chargers

Jets. Let's start with the Chargers. The Chargers have one of the best pass offenses in the league and rarely rely on the run. Even the they have two of the best backs in the league, with LT and Sproles, the Chargers are simply not a run first team. Phillip Rivers loves to throw the ball and he should because he is extremely well at doing so, but he is facing, in my opinion, the best secondary in the league and will not see the ball caught by Vincent Jackson much at all. However, Gates and Floyd may have a chance to shine without Revis interfering. The Chargers have good defense and is definitely led by the LBs and Secondary. I believe that Shawne Merriman will be a big factor, in stopping the run. The Jets have had a good season rushing the ball with the help of the league's third best rusher only behind Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson, in Thomas Jones. The Jets have a good pass offense with Jericho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards at WR. They also have their TE Dustin Keller, who led the Jets in receiving in their playoff game last week with 93 yards and a TD. The Jets will hope to start with the run, but will unleash the rookie sensation QB Mark Sanchez at any time. The Jets have one of the top defenses in the league in all categories and will be a force to be reckoned with from this point on. They will go out there and get the job done and that's why I like the Jets in this match up.

Those are my picks. Comment and tell me what you think. Be nice though, I almost fell asleep more than once. :)

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