Adrian Peterson Versus Chris Johnson

Today while sitting in my Language Arts 3 class, I noticed a shirt that said Indianapolis Colts on it.  I immediately start to think about football and the substitute teacher was glad to help stimulate my NFL thoughts.  We talk about who is going to win in the playoffs (my guesses are Cardinals, Cowboys, Ravens, and Chargers by the way), the MVP award, and a certain Runningback named Chris Johnson.

While talking to the teacher he brings up the surprise to him that he recieved no MVP votes.  He also concluded that even though he thought Peyton Manning deserved to win the MVP, Chris Johnson is the best back in the league.

As he said this my mind was pleading he wouldn't, as my class is also occupied by a Vikings fan.  If you have ever met a Vikings fan, the typical one is loud, boisterous, and an Adrian Peterson homer (like nobody else.  Even ESPN can't cover all the stuff these guys spew out). 

Well to my worst of fears, this Vikings fan speaks up.  He immediately challenges why we both chose Chris Johnson as the best runningback in the league. 

Naturally, I take over the conversation saying things like how he deserved the title and how he has done something only 6 people have done in the entire history of the league.  I talk about his 3 runs of 85 yards accomplishing something in ONE SEASON that no other back has done in their enitre CAREER.  Not too mention he broke Marshall Faulks record for yards from scrimmage.

The Vikings fan told me why he thought Adrian Peterson was a better runningback.  For one ADRIAN PETERSON IS FASTER THAN CHRIS JOHNSON, second is that he can run over people, and third if Adrian Peterson had the line of the Titans he would show everyone why he was the best RB in the league.

This got me thinking. 

What the heck is this guy smoking to think AP is faster than CJ?

If he has this speed then why doesn't he just outrun defenders like CJ?

How come AP always seems to get touched and has to run over people to get yardage while CJ can go an entire 50 yards without the defense even knowing where he went?

The last point I really couldn't figure out though.

Would Adrian Peterson be better in the Titans system than CJ?

To me that is the biggest arguement he brought up.  The Vikings haven't used AP well this year, in my opinion.  If everything was the same (coach, o-line, run first system), would Adrian be better than CJ?

So I decide to come onto MCM and write this fanpost asking for honest opinions.  I would like everyone to share and maybe someone could take a viewpoint of a Vikings fan or maybe we could get a Vikings fan over here.  I know that most people on MCM is going to be biased, but who isn't?  I would like to hear the arguement from you guys.

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