What happens if we are 1-5 going into the bye week?

Being the eternal skeptic I am.....I am not feeling good about our current record and season outlook.  Gone are the days of being the best team in the NFL.

And the schedule ahead looks brutal.

What happens if we are 1-5 going into the bye week?  With our only win coming against the division-bottom-feeding Jags?  Time to panic?  Switch QB's?  Fire someone?

The loss the Steelers hurt....alot....we controlled most of the game, and looked like the better team until we started playing prevent defense and prevented a win.

And if not for a few horrible penalties on David Steward that haven't been called in the NFL in the last decade on a single other offensive lineman, I still think we win.....but we did give up about 4000 yards passing to Big Ben in the 2nd half and our pass rush looked weak (especially considering that a small town Kansas 8-man team could get pressure on Big Ben).

But then came the Texans game and it pretty much cemented in my head how not-good this team is this year.....

Nevermind the fact that we are now on an 4 losing streak.....and lost our best defensive player....and one of the best DC's in the game.


Just let that sink in for a moment.

Going into the season, I didn't really know how good the Titans would be.....but living in Houston, I know how not-good the Texans are.........they suck big Ron Jeremy balls.  But against our alleged top 5 defense, Cotton Schaub looked like Joe Montana.  The pass rush decided to take the game off.  Kerry Collins was the opposite of clutch.  The coaching staff watched re-runs of Seinfeld during the game, and especially at halftime, instead of coaching.  A secondary with 3 pro-bowlers must have been high on Valium and horse tranquilizers.

And all of this was during the HOME OPENER!!! Probably the most pumped up game of the regular season. 

And now we have the Jets, Colts and Pats all before the bye week.  How does this turnout good?  Maybe on Madden or in completely irrational homer dreams.  But not in real life.  The Jets are just like the Ravens.  We know how that will turn out.  About 10 points, 3 turnovers, and a completion percentage around 50%.  I can't imagine the offense scoring in the 20's, so without a huge defensive improvement (not to mention a special teams improvement.....Leon Washington, anyone?), this game could get ugly, fast.

After the "Nick Harper can't cover Andre Johnson and the Titans will refuse to switch him off or give him help" display last week, who doesn't expect Peyton Manning to have 3 TD's in the first 3 quarters throwing right at Nick "who am I suppose to cover" Harper when we play them shortly?  Peyton probably jizzed himself watching tape of Cotton Schaub doing his best Dan Marino impression.

And then the Pats.  Just to remind you, Big Ben and Cotton Schaub were inducted to the hall of fame after playing the Titans this year.  Tom Brady might be elected president after he gets to play against a prevent defense, with no pass rush, a confused secondary, and a DC that doesn't know what the word adjustment means.  That's sort of like telling your little cousin to guard LeBron James.  If you have Wes Welker, Randy Moss or Tom Brady in fantasy football, enjoy.

Seriously, how can any Titan fan look at this team currently and the upcoming schedule and feel good?  What a let down start to the season, following a vomit-inducing playoff game.  10-0 seems so far away.

I'm going to find a sports bar on Sunday and root for the Titans to remember they are the team that went 10-0 last season and not the freaking Detroit Lions.  But if my skepticism comes true and we actually are 1-5 at the bye week, I'm going into full blown, "might as well let Vince Young start because this season is shot" mode.  And probably "Fire Cecil" mode too.

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