A Disheartened Letter to Vince Young

Dear Vince,


Please let me preface this letter somewhat. I am a long-time Titans' supporter. I sat in a dismal Vanderbilt Stadium when the team moved here waiting for LP Field to be built. I have put in a lot of my life's time and effort and experienced the triumphs and heartbreak that our team has endured.


When you joined our roster as the number three draft pick in 2006, I was excited. It was a chance for our team to start over. A post McNair-era was about to begin in my mind. I signed off on the whole bit - regardless of whatever limits of sophistication or capacity were pointed out by the media.


However, I find myself in 2009 disheartened. It is not a feeling that has been building since 2006 and is finally bursting at the seams. But one that has been planted in the back of my head today. I am defining this feeling as having multiple unmet longings. There are three possible sources of this sadness I have been recently experiencing:


First, your performance. Partly the fact that it did not meet my expectations - admittedly a poor reason to feel heartbroken but an unmet longing nonetheless. With the combination of an exciting rookie QB joining our team at such a young age and a lackluster team that needed a boost, I, nay, we needed you. Today, we are getting ready to pay $14 million for a backup QB. I guess I feel - well I'm just going to say it - kinda screwed over.


Secondly, your attitude. Upon your arrival, it was nothing but smiles. Happiness overfloweth as you and your family moved to Nashville. We accepted you with open arms. Don't get me wrong - we are still glad you are here and are excited for your potential, but GET.YOUR.ACT.TOGETHER. There is too much riding on the 2009 season to have a distraction like 2008's. I don't want to hear SportsCenter talk about Jeff Fisher scouring Williamson County for your locale and calling the cops. I don't want to see Youtube videos of you "makin it rain." Or, more recently, to see you complaining about sitting on the sidelines. You have a responsibility to bring to this team - one that is more important than you have made it seem thus far. Not only is the reputation of the Titans reflected by your actions - but in a sense- the reputation of our city is reflected by the Titans and thus your actions. I long for the studious, contemplative backup quarterback treating his position as a professional job and not an after class extracurricular activity. That longing has gone unmet.


Thirdly, as of this week, I may no longer continue to support your being a Titan because of your disrespectful words. I do not know how or why you think that the Titans are limiting your playing time and ability. That ball is and HAS BEEN in your court since DAY ONE. PERIOD. It is childish to think that because Kerry Collins is starting, you deserve a chance to start on another team. Get out there and play the best kick-ass football you have ever played and outperform the veteran quarterback. We are waiting for it to happen and have been for a while. Your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses as a quarterback are just that - YOURS.


So I am asking two things of you. Stop distracting our team. In April you were determined to sit quietly as a secondary quarterback - prove it. Be OK with being the backup. Learn from Kerry Collins as much as you can. Secondly, play like you deserve to start. Because as of right now, you don't. Nor is any team going to pay you what you have earned in Nashville for a job you cannot perform. So get out there and earn it. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself - and so will I.


Sincerely, Titanopolis

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