The Sporting News's top Titans

I know these don't really mean anything, but The Sporting News ranked the top NFL players at each position. Six Titans made the list. The only positions that had no Titans included were Inside Linebacker, Guard, Center, Wide Receiver, Fullback, and Quarterback. I found it quite surprising that pro bowl center Kevin Mawae and fullback Ahmard Hall didn't make the list. At least we got represented, unlike the Madden 2010 ratings...

OLB: 1. DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys), 2. James Harrison (Steelers), 3. Shawn Merriman (Chargers), 4. Terrell Suggs (Ravens),  5. Joey Porter (Dolphins), 6. Adalius Thomas (Patriots), 7. Lance Briggs, 8. Keith Bulluck (Titans)

Don't let B-U-L-L-U-C-K leave! Besides Shawne Merriman, who was injured all of last year, Bulluck is the #2 non pro-bowl OLB, behind Adalius Thomas. Also interesting is that the top five players are 3-4 rush line backers. The only two 4-3 OLBs are Lance Briggs and Bulluck.

DT: 1. Albert Haynesworth (Redskins), 19. Jovan Haye (Titans)

I haven't heard anything about Haye, but it seems good things are possible in the future from him. But no surprise as to who #1 is.

DE: 1. Jared Allen (Vikings), 10. Kyle Vanden Bosch (Titans)

Boom King, if healthy, definitely compares to the other players above him. But again, the key is staying healthy. Vanden Bosch and Bulluck are probably now the two leaders of our defense.

 OT: 1. Ryan Clady (Broncos), 2. Walter Jones (Seahawks), 3. Jason Peters (Eagles), 4. Joe Thomas (Browns), 5. Michael Roos (Titans)

I think Roos is a little low over here. Ryan Clady was a rookie last year, and he is number one.  Clady wasn't even a pro-bowl player last year.

TE: 1. Jason Witten (Cowboys), 10. Bo Scaife (Titans)

Hmm, should Scaife really be ranked this high? From the early reports from training camp, it seems that rookie Jared Cook can dethrone Scaife as the best tight end on our roster.

RB: 1. Adrian Peterson (Vikings), 10. Chris Johnson (Titans)

He could have been ranked higher, but some can agree that this is the correct ranking for him. Another year to prove that he was not a one year wonder, and he can be ranked in the top five. Most fantasy mock drafts draft him sixth overall.

CB: 1. Nnamdi Asomugha (Raiders), 2. Cortland Finnegan (Titans)

Our feisty cornerback gets some credit he deserves. If quarterbacks lose their brains and constantly throw towards him in 2009, he can easily break Dick (Night Train) Lane's record of fourteen interceptions in a season.

S: 1. Ed Reed (Ravens), 2. Troy Polomalu (Steelers), 3. Adrian Wilson (Cardinals), 4. Bob Sanders (Colts), 5. Chris Hope (Titans), 6. Nick Collins (Packers), 7. Brian Dawkins (Broncos), 8. Michael Griffin (Titans)

Anyone else think that Michael Griffin should be ranked higher than Chris Hope? Regardless, our safeties are stellar, and they both deserve to be in the top ten.

K: 1. Stephen Goskowski (Patriots), 2. John Kasay (Panthers), 3. Jason Elam (Falcons), 4. Rob Bironas (Titans)

Rob Bironas could be ranked in either of the first four spots, but making 40/40 of his PATs is an impressive feat. Every field goal he missed in 2008 was from the 41-49 yard range, but making 6 of 8 beyond 50 yards over the past three years is impressive.

P: 1. Shane Lechler (Raiders), 10. Craig Hentrich (Titans)

Hentrich almost retired this offseason, and it seemed like he declined in his play last year. He could have been ranked this high in past years, but I don't think he deserves a ranking this high.


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