Demise of the Titans

It's only May but apperently its already time to start counting the Titans out.

From Yahoo!Sports:

2. Tennessee Titans

Last year, the Titans' season started with a thud. Sure, they beat the Jaguars. But quarterback Vince Young(notes) suffered a sprained knee and a fractured ego.

Enter Kerry Collins(notes), who did just enough to complement a great defense and a strong running game to propel the Titans to the best regular-season record in the league.

This year, however, the guy who made that defense go—defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth(notes)—is long gone.

And Kerry Collins is still the starter.

And the receivers really aren't all that much better.

And defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is coaching the Lions.

And the up-and-down Jaguars are due to be up again.

And the Texans seem poised to finally make the playoffs.

Odd men out? Yep, the Titans.

Two seasons ago the Titans were a surprise playoff team, barely earning a Wild Card berth w/ a 10-6 record.  The following off-season they were a favorite among the "experts" to be one of the playoff teams to slip out of the playoffs the following year.  They finished that season 13-3 w/ the #1 overall seed in the AFC.  So what did we learn kids?  Apperently nothing.  And the reasoning behind it is a little flimsy too. Yes Fat Albert is gone, and it will hurt some, but not as much as most think. There is D-Line depth and they're gonna get better as the season goes on.  I don't know how you can say the WR's arent that much better.  They atleast tried to upgrade at that spot and the jury is still out on wether its an improvment.  Jim Schwartz leaving is no problem in my mind.  We go through D-Cooridantors all the time and as long as Jeff Fisher is coach, I'm trusting whoever he wants to put there.  And finally, he's just assuming Jacksonville is gonna be better.  Why exactly?  Who knows.  Looks like he's just fishing for reasons.  And as far as tha Texans are concerned, they've been a popular sleeper pick for about 3 years now and have done nothing, so I'll believe it when I see it.  The Titans have improved considerably every season since their 4-12 season, and while I dont think that means they finish better than 13-3, or even the #1 seed, counting them out of the playoffs would be ridiculous.

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