Hey Guys! Long time no post! My off-season

Sorry for the lack of support and posting!  Life has been pretty busy with the baby and running the boys to hockey games and practice..  Plus the Mother board on my computer went T*T's up.. anyways I'm back and been giving this off season some thought. 

There is only one player deserving of the franchise tag on this team.  That is Rob Bironas so I’d use it on him if a deal can’t be done.. But I suspect a long term deal will be struck by the end of this month. 

Now on to my sign and let walk players.  Let’s get to the meat and potatoes!

Big Al!!!  Well I say let him walk….   (ducks under desk)  Calm down and read what I’m about to say.. then re-read it..  and it’s ok to disagree with me.  Let’s take the past two years out of the picture.  Ok now!  What has Big Al done?  Exactly!  Up until two years ago Big Al was on the verge of being known as not a first round bust. But a player who wasn’t worthy of the 15th pick.. So what changed two years ago?  MONEY!  What made him so dominate this year? MONEY!  Big Al prior to the past two years was known as a player who takes a play or two off here and there.  Even this year you see it.. The man when he is motivated is THE BEST at his position.  But I believe once he gets paid.  Well kiss that production good bye. 

Kind of funny that during a contract year and knowing he won’t get franchised if he reaches certain things and yet ends up playing the most games (14) since.. 05 I believe.. haven’t looked it up.. also kind of funny that he gets injured I believe the week after being selected to the pro-bowl which in turn guaranteed him free agency. 

In short Big Al isn’t worth the designation of highest paid Defensive player.  Jarad Allen on the other hand is a self motivated man and earned his money and continued to earn his money.  Big Al Keeps saying I want to stay in Tenn.. but in the same breath says there is no home town discount.  Sound a lot like a man who just wants his money and once he gets it he is going back to Old Big Al.  I think the front office is aware of this and will make him an honest and fair contract offer and in the end it’s not enough and he walks.  He goes to another team and ends up playing maybe 10 games.  But he will never be the Big Al of the past two years. 

Kerry Collins: Easy enough to re-sign him to a 2 year deal should get done.  He’s already said if he doesn’t start He’ll retire.  He can pretty much thank Ryan, and Flacco for eliminating a starting chance on any other team other than the Titans.  It’s a copy cat league and too many teams are going young coaches and young QB’s

Chris Simms:  I’m a fan of Simm’s.. so I’d like to see them resign him to a two year deal.. I think he’d come cheap at this point

Brandon Jones: The man can play and can Get open.  He’s just not your #1 type WR.  If the Titans ever get a true #1 WR then My feeling is that Jones could be the Eddie Mac/ Wayne Cherbet type player. I say resign him at the right price

Chris Carr:  A must!  Young.. good in the return game.. good talent at CB.. not starter but solid Depth for the position

Scaife: I like him.. But he’s probably a little bitter about the VY thing.  He sounds like a player that wants out so let him go

Fuller/King: No reason NOT to bring them back..  Yeah they aren’t as good as Cortland or Harper.. But guess what? You can’t have 4 players at the position as good as Cortland without being in Salary cap hell, Plus!  You get talented starters then they don’t want to be back ups and become a problem in the locker room

Every other FA I didn’t mention can go…

Now on to eliminating the last bites and pieces of the Chow era.  Trade VY and LW.  LW showed me nothing last year.. which is funny.. because Titans Management must have known something, Henry and CJ consecutive years with LW on the roster?  It’s time to get Rid of LW while he has value.  Same thing with VY.  He can do well.. but not as a Titan.. sometimes there is bridges you cross with friends but you can never cross back over with those same friends..  VY will never be able to win the locker room over again in Tenn.. He needs  a fresh start where there isn’t slighted teammates.  I’d let them go for 3rd round picks at this point.


Ok.. let the!!  You’re an idiot bashing commence!  

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