MCM Play of the Week (Week 12)


Please excuse the delay. No excuses. I'm just lazy. Anyways, I still don't think I've been able to comprehend what I witnessed last Sunday. I really hadn't been paying attention to VY's stats until FOX put them up on the screen before the final drive. When I saw that he was almost to 300 yards, I already knew something special was happening. However, I had no idea how special this was going to be.

The obvious winner and other videos after the jump.

A. Chris Johnson runs for an 85-yard TD. Buy these men some cars, CJ. Awesome blocking by the entire line on this run. Not really sure why Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was trash-talking CJ at the end of this run, unless it was just some friendly banter. Not only did CJ start further back than him, he passed him and everybody else. The only reason he tackles him into the endzone is because he lets up. Anyways, Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL. It's not even a competition anymore.

B. Vince Young throws a 10-yard pass to Kenny Britt.(1st 4th down conversion) Not sure if I can change anybody's mind on the outcome of this vote, but I think this was the most important play of the game. Without this play, the rest don't even happen and we're all arguing about the draft. When VY first threw the pass, I thought, "Golly Jeepers, that's a pick 6." He actually made a really nice read, however. He waited for the CB to turn his head and then threw a bullet right where Britt needed it to catch it.

C. Vince Young throws a 19-yard pass to Bo Scaife. If, you're going to make a 99-yard game-winning drive, you're going to need some luck, if not a lot of it. Not really another "Music City Miracle" as the announcer idiotically proclaims, but it sure did help. Maybe there was someone special, wearing a 9 jersey, that made sure that ball was caught by a Titan.

D. Vince Young throws a 13-yard pass to Lavelle Hawkins. Has The Hawk finally taken off? I sure hope so. This is one of four huge catches by Lavelle in this game. Amazing what can happen when you stop taking your career for granted and start working your ass off in the film room.

E. Vince Young throws a 10-yard TD pass to Kenny Britt.(the final play) I was at Buffalo Wild Wing's watching this game (which by the way is a pretty fun experience if you like to interact with other fans) and you couldn't hear a pin drop during the play. The place erupted. I ran around hugging people that I didn't know, (and not just a little arm around the neck. Full out bear hugs.) including waiters, waitresses, or anything else that got in my way. Young threw an absolutely perfect pass and Kenny Britt took one hell of a hit while making that amazing catch. Even if we don't finish this miracle run and make the playoffs, that drive alone made my year.

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