Tennessee Titans Playoff Hopes Rooting Guide: Week 13 Edition

Current AFC Standings:
1. Indianapolis Colts (11-0)
2. Cincinnati Bengals (8-3)
3. San Diego Chargers (8-3)
4. New England Patriots (7-4)
5. Denver Broncos (7-4)
6. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5)
7. Baltimore Ravens (6-5)
8. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5)
9. Miami Dolphins (5-6)
10. New York Jets (5-6)
11. Tennessee Titans (5-6)
1 2. Houston Texans (5-6)

Good news from last week: The Jags, Steelers, Dolphins, and Texans all lost, and we moved past the Texans for 11th place in the conference.

Bad news: The Jets and Broncos won.

This week's games, who to root for, and why, after the jump.

This week's Games:

NY Jets at Buffalo: Bills. We still feel guilty about Birdgate. That, and oh yeah, they can knock off the Jets for us, after the Panthers couldn't pull it off.

Detroit at Cincinnati: Meh. The Bengals currently have a 2-game lead on the division. As long as the Steelers and the Ravens lose, this game doesn't really matter. Why not root for Schwartz? Lions.

Tennessee at Indianapolis: Titans. Of course.

Houston at Jacksonville: Texans. This is one of the most important games of the week to our playoff chances. We currently have the same record as Houston, and are ahead of them in the standings based on tiebreakers. The Texans can pass us in the playoff hunt pretty much only if they win this week and we lose. If both Houston and Tennessee win, all 3 teams will have the same 6-6 record and will also be tied on the 1st tiebreaker. But we will win the 2nd tiebreaker, division record, and move ahead of both Houston and Jacksonville in the standings.

Denver at Kansas City: Chiefs. Come on, Chiefs! The Broncos need to lose at least 2, maybe 3, for us to pass them.

New England at Miami: Patriots. That was even harder to say then telling you to root for the Colts last week.  But here's why you should root for the Evil Empire: The Patriots now have a pretty solid division lead, they're most likely not going anywhere - the Dolphins are the only team with a chance of taking it. But Miami lost last week, one more loss will put the Dolphins away.  And it will let us move closer to the playoffs in the process.

Oakland at Pittsburgh: Raiders. Any given Sunday, right? Maybe the ferocity of our cheers will spur the Raiders to greater success, so root hard!

San Diego at Cleveland: Browns. San Diego would need to lose 1 more than Denver for us to pass San Diego. Since Denver has begun winning and we need to beat San Diego ourselves, might as well root for them both to lose.

Baltimore at Green Bay: Packers. Puts Baltimore in a tie with us, though they still will hold the tiebreaker. Plus, it's the Ravens. Rooting against them is only natural. Join me in drinking a nice, refreshing glass of Haterade.

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