Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame Class of 2009 - zackmann

As the year comes to end, it's time to induct our first Charter Member of the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame. Without further ado, the first Member of the Class of 2009 is:




zackmann has been a member of Music City Miracles for just over three years, joining on October 26th, 2006.  He has made 2,057 comments on SBNation, 2,049 of those coming here at Music City Miracles. zackmann has also posted 28 fanposts for us to enjoy. He is in his element in the game threads, enjoying the action with his fellow MCMers.


zackmann's first comment came after the Titans victory over the Texans on 10/29/2006. This was VY's second start, and also saw Pacman Jones' first interception and punt return for a touchdown. (Sidenote: Check out the game thread and see how far MCM has come!) This was also the weekend that we learned of the "exploits" of "Spitman" Jones. It was on this post by Jimmy that zackmann made his first comment:

great game yesterday...and other thoughts
yesterday's game was great....after those 2 30 point blowouts to SD and dallas, I am just excited to see competitive football....

and I attribute the excitement level to Vince being the leader of the team now...

On Pacman, I'm skeptical of the situation....the girl had a baggie handy to put the spit in? WTF?  this doesn't make any sense....

I like our core Defensive players of KVB, bulluck, thornton, hope and we just need to upgrade the other 6 fools....

And lets start with Peter many tackles 10 yards past the line of scrimmage is he going to make?

And we need to teach Thompson the proper angles to tackle the runner...

Hill played decent on AJ....most of AJ's catches, hill was playing good coverage...Andre Johnson is just that damn good...

Though I would still be in favor of having Pac cover the main WR, instead of him and hill taking sides...

On offense, our WR's and TE's have to catch the ball better....


 That is heck of a trip back in time right there! 

Random Facts About zackmann (may or may not be true):

  • zackmann's original internet handle was zackboy. Then he turned 18, and things changed.
  • It just so happened that it worked out better that way, since his real name is Zack Mann.
  • zack is a Titan fan.
  • zack was a huge Peter Sirmon fan, and was very upset when he left the Titans.

So join me in congratulating zackmann on his induction into the Music City Miracles Hall Of Fame as a Charter Member of the Class of 2009.

Speech! Speech!


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