Tennessee Titans Playoff Hopes Rooting Guide: Week 12 Edition

Current AFC Standings:
1. Colts (10-0)
2. Bengals (7-3)
3. Chargers (7-3)
4. Patriots (7-3)

5. Jaguars (6-4)
6. Steelers (6-4)
7. Broncos (6-4)
8. Ravens (5-5)
9. Texans (5-5)
10. Dolphins (5-5)
11. Jets (4-6)
12. Titans (4-6)

Look, we started off in a big hole by starting off the season 0-6.  Even if the Titans win out, they ned some help if they want to have any chance of making the playoffs.

So here are the games this week with an impact on our playoff chances, with who we shoot be rooting for and why:

NY Giants @ Denver: Giants. The Broncos are now a game behind San Diego and don't play the Chargers again, and also have games against the Colts and Eagles left on the schedule. San Diego will take the division and we can pass the Broncos for the Wild Card.

Miami @ Buffalo: Bills. We feel bad that our owner flipped their fans off. If that doesn't do it for you, how about we're only a game behind Miami with a game left to play against them, and the Bills can help us play spoiler?

Carolina @ NY Jets: Panthers. The Jets are only ahead of us on tiebreakers. One more loss for them, and we pass them.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati: Bengals. All aboard the tiger train!  We want the Bengals to take their first division title in quite some time. We've got enough problems fighting with the Steelers and Ravens to have to worry about 3 AFC North teams in the Wild Card hunt.

Indianapolis @ Houston: ::wincing:: Colts. While one more Colts win eliminates us from contention for the division title, I think it's safe to say that Peyton & co. aren't dropping 6 anyway. A win here and the Colts stay undefeated while the Texans drop to our level. They still have us on tiebreakers, but we can worry about that later.

Kansas City @ San Diego: Superchargers! We actually need them to lose one later this season (the one against us), so let them feast on what should be a cupcake game to expand their lead on their division.

Jacksonville @ San Francisco: 49ers. Of the 6-4 teams in the wild card hunt, the Jags have the best conference record. This one is probably going down to the wire, but any losses they can get certainly won't hurt.

Arizona @ Tennessee: Titans. Duh.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore: Hope for a 0-0 tie. Failing that, root for Pittsburgh. That will put us closer to passing Baltimore. It might also necessitate rooting for Baltimore in these teams' December rematch, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

New England @ New Orleans: This one depends. If Miami lost on Sunday like we want them to, then let your hate fly and root for the Saints to crush the Patriots. If Miami won, then alas, we need the Patriots to win to keep their grip on the division.

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