MCM Play of the Week (Week 9)


Sorry for the delay (gramsey). It's been a busy week. This is 2 weeks in a row where I have more than 4 videos to put up! It's Bizzaro World!

Videos after the jump.

Here's last week's winner.

C. Chris Johnson runs for an 89-yard TD. Now this is real run! CJ was patient, waited for a little crease, ran over 2 guys, busted it for 89 yards, and then puked all over the endzone. You can literally say that he left it all on the field. Anybody else notice how freaking fast Kenny Britt looked running downfield, and getting the final block? Seems to be a common occurrence on Johnson's long runs. Coincidence? (Update: Apparently, he didn't actually throw up after the play. Maybe I should have read first. I'm keeping all of this here though because it just makes the play more BA)

And this week's contest.

A. Vince Young throws a 49-yard pass to Justin Gage. A deep throw by the titans?!?! It seems that 'Dinger opened the playbook a little bit more this week for VY, and he proved he was ready for it. If the throw is a little more on-target, this is a TD. Gage got separation on the CB (gasp) and had an open lane to the endzone. Oh well, I'll take it.

B. Rod Hood intercepts Alex Smith. 2 games, 2 interceptions. Not bad. Michael Griffin showed some glimpses of his play from last year on this play. It's good to see Griff get some mention on a play where he isn't burned. Hood>Harper.

C. Vince Young runs for a 7-yard TD. What is this? 2006? CJ gets the nice block on Patrick Willis, who, according to Ian Eagle 2342 times in the game, is just as fast as CJ. Fail. Anyways, it's good to see VY cut to the middle and go upfield instead of cut to the sidelines.

D. Vince Young throws a 33-yard pass to Justin Gage. Wow. I wish this guy would show up every game wearing #12. Of course, this would mean that he fractures his back every game. He climbed the imaginary ladder, then fell off of it. This is actually the kind of pass that I would like to see from VY more. Everybody was covered so he put it in a spot where only Gage was going to get it, and if not, we live to see another play.

E.Chris Johnson runs for a 2-yard TD. Yeah, we scored, but I hate 'Dinger for this. If you're going to run an option like this on 4th down, at least run it to the longer side of the field and give them more room to work with. Oh well, CJ is a beast.

F. Chris Hope intercepts Alex Smith. Good to see Hope getting a pick, too. I think this interception was bigger than Finny's pick 6. We were only up by 4, and Hope stepped up big time to help close out the game.

G. Cortland Finnegan intercepts Alex Smith and returns it for a TD. Thank you Vincent Fuller! He may not be a star, but he's the glue to this secondary in nickel situations. Oh, and Ian Eagle: You're an idiot. Where does it look like he steps out? This was Finnegan's 3rd interception in 5 games.

H. Vince Young's collective plays. Kepp proving me wrong! Everybody keeps saying that we'll really see how much you've learned when you lose a game. I would not like to find that out if possible. Please?

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