Titans - Jags Postgame Quotes

From Titans Online:




(on if there’s a greater sense of urgency for the team) “This team’s practicing hard, it’s preparing hard, it’s just not winning ballgames. Today we got beat.”

(on if he needs more out of QB Kerry Collins) “We need more out of everybody. We need more out of me. We all need to come back to work. And everybody needs to do a little better job.”

(on what it would take for backup QB Vince Young to get in the game) “Kerry’s our starter. Kerry gives us the best chance to win. There was a little bit of life left. We got some points and if we would’ve got the onside kick, it might have quieted down and he might have put his starters back in. That was my decision today, to stay with him and try to find a way to win.”

(on if he’s looking for something to give the team a spark) “I believe this team’s some potential. I believe this team’s not an 0-4 team. Clearly we’ve got a tough stretch ahead of us, but we’re going to give it our best shot.”


(on today’s performance) “You’ve got to give Jacksonville credit. They came in with a good gameplan, and we, for whatever reason, weren’t connecting like we need to. We were coming up short on some third downs and didn’t give ourselves a chance to put anything together.”

(on the 0-4 start) “All I know when you’re in a situation like this is that every man has to take it upon himself to figure out what he needs to do. As a team, collectively, we need to come together and not listen to the criticism from the outside and keep believing in what we’re doing. I take it upon myself to not give up and I know the leaders on this team will take it upon themselves also to not give up as well. We had a great week of practice this week, and as long as we keep working, we have a chance.”

(on getting behind early) “You don’t want to completely abandon your game plan. Last week, we came back and were able to even get the lead. There’s no reason to completely abandon what you’re doing. I thought we had a pretty good game plan coming in, but they played well. I absolutely, 100-percent believe we were ready to play when the whistle blew.”


(on lack of offense today) “We got off to a slow start so we tried to come back in second half, get motivated and throw the ball around to just do something to get into the red zone. When we did get into the red zone, we wanted to score. We just didn’t play our best game today.”

(on Jaguars’ defense) “I really don’t believe that the Jaguars were doing anything unusual. I knew if there were problems on offense, the offensive line is good enough to take care of it. That’s what we did in the second half and we had more opportunities to move the football.

(on trying to get first win next week) “We go back to work, like we get paid to do, and start from scratch.”

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