Jeff Fisher quit on the team against the Pats

I don't care about the Jersey Joke.  In of itself, I'm not mad.  But on top of being a crappy coach who makes bad personnel decision and bad game decisions and really doesn't even appear to want to win and quitting on the team last Sunday, it pisses me off.  Greatly.  This season is one big ball of pissed off.  Jeff Fisher, you quit on the team, made piss poor decisions, and most of all ruined an entire football season for me.

Jeff, and know this.  You are dead in the water.  Done.  Toast.  After 14-some years, you can't keep out-running bad decisions.  And you can't keep winning without being willing to change and sometimes significantly.

I respect Bud Adams position to not fire you mid-season, but I think it is the wrong decision.  And I'm sure he will at the end of the season. 

No Owner in his right mind can keep a coach after giving no effort in a game.  After quitting on the team in route to a 59-0 embarrassment on national TV.  Below the fold I'm going to lay into Jeff Fisher.  He and only him, is to blame for this mess.  Rant on

Here's to you Jeff.  It's time to go. 

I want to start with TMQ this week:

Jeff Fisher is the longest-serving active NFL coach; 16 years at the helm, he has run the Oilers/Titans since before Bill Clinton met Monica Lewinsky. When 2009 began, Fisher was coming off a season in which he led Tennessee to a 13-3 record and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. His seemed the most secure coaching position in football, except perhaps for Urban Meyer at the University of Florida and John Gagliardi at Saint John's of Minnesota. Now Fisher is likely to conclude 2009 fired -- if, that is, he makes it to the end of 2009 in a coach's cap.

Godfrey Daniel, the Titans are awful. Their 59-0 defeat at New England -- the worst shutout defeat in professional football since the Rams beat the Falcons by the same margin in 1976 -- wasn't as close as the score indicated. In slush, snow and wind, New England fumbled once; Tennessee fumbled six times. The Flying Elvii threw 45 passes without an interception; the Flaming Thumbtacks threw 14 passes with two interceptions. New England showed four-wide formations and ran everything in its playbook; Tennessee mostly used a conventional "pro set" and only basic plays. Patriots receivers made difficult catches; Titans receivers dropped well-thrown balls. The Patriots ran blitzes and complex defensive stunts; the Titans were in a conventional defensive front all day. New England's touchdown passes went to Randy Moss and Wes Welker on downs in which they were not covered by anyone -- they simply ran up the field, ignored by all Tennessee defenders. On numerous snaps, Tennessee Pro Bowl safety Chris Hope and first-round-pick safety Michael Griffin barley bothered to jog in the general direction of the action. New England executed a perfect flea-flicker; Tennessee had trouble handing off. The Patriots gained 436 yards in the first half -- not in the game, in the first half.

And don't talk to me about injuries -- all NFL teams deal with injuries. Seventh in overall defense last season, Tennessee is 31st now, and the Titans' minus-114 net points is just one better than league-worst St. Louis. Starting with that home-field playoff game on Jan. 10, Tennessee has lost seven straight games, and looked progressively worse each outing.

Sports franchises sometimes go through meltdowns -- the City of Tampa Bucs are in the middle of a meltdown, while the St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs haven't been able to get their reactor cooling systems functioning since 2006. But the collapse of the Fisher-coached Titans -- built around power running and power defense, a purist's formula -- is a shock. The front office, the marketing department -- everything about the Titans has hummed efficiently for more than a decade. Suddenly the Titans rival the Rams and Bucs for the title of the league's worst team. Practically all NFL predictors had the Titans in the playoffs, if not in the Super Bowl. "Titans' Strength Lies in Stability of Coaching Staff" was a TMQ column headline a mere year ago. Godfrey Daniel, the Titans are awful.


And that part in bold speaks to my statement that Fisher quit on the Titans against the Pats.

There is no way....none....that we should be as vanilla as possible, running only base defenses and basic pro offensive sets when we are so obviously outmatched. And so obviously losing.  Badly.

Yes, I like the strong-defense-running-offense approach.  For the most part.  But the game is changing.  Teams that spread it out.  Let it fly on offense.  Teams that confuse on defense.  And aggressively blitz.  These are the teams that are winning. 

And Chuck, I don't care if the Pats scored on 4 of your 5 blitz calls.  Be aggressive.  Jeff, you need to make him be aggressive.  We stayed in our base, vanilla defense all game against the Colts and got our butts handed to us on National TV.  It was embarrasing.  You don't think the Pats so that, and started licking their chops?  Do you even try to predict what the other team is going to do?  You do not win, if you don't try!!! And staying in the base offense and defense is not trying. 

I'll quote TMQ again.  "New England showed four-wide formations and ran everything in its playbook; Tennessee mostly used a conventional "pro set" and only basic plays".  The Pats ended their playbook.  Because they wanted to win.  Their coach gives a rat's ass if they win or not.  He cares.  He wants to win.  He tries to win. 

You, Jeff "soon to be former coach of the Titans", do not care.  Sitting at 5-0, and losing badly the last 2 games, you did not try.  You went up against a team that was better than the Titans and you gave it about 25%.  You didn't gameplan.  You didn't use any tatics.  You played the most vanilla gameplan you could get by with.  You never got mad.  You didn't show emotion.  You didn't even look stunned.  You can't be stunned when you know you didn't try.  If you don't try, you can't win.  And if you don't try to win, you quit. 

Yes, some of the players quit too.  And yes, some of the players aren't very good.  And some are old and lost one or four steps.  But that didn't matter, because without a game plan made with the intent to win, they wouldn't. 

What happened to the Jeff Fisher that onsided against Indy in the middle of the game because they were that much better than the Titans you had to try whatever you could to win?  Where is that emotion at?

If you don't know, this team sucks.  Old.  Young.  Not good. 

And your coaches aren't very good.  And you picked them.  Dinger wasn't a good hire.  But he was better than Chow, who you also hired.  That was a bad decision.  Cecil was a terrible decision.  You need to take responsibility for it.  And also the decision to not care about the return game.  That directly cost us the Jets game.  Your poor decision making in what to do with the return game.  And you need to accept your dumb decision to back up our corners with crappy rookies wasn't a good idea.  And trading what is now going to be the 31st pick for Jared Cook wasn't smart either.

And lets get to Vince.  Your personal vendetta against him is hurting our team.  If you have no intention of playing him, even if the team is 0-6 and got beat 59-0, then why not freaking cut him in training camp?  huh?  Why?  It is obvious he will be cut in the offseason (if you are still the coach, probably either way, actually).  And it is now obvious you have no inention of playing him, even if Collins is terrible.  Then why keep him around at all? 

Keeping Collins this year is all you, Jeff.  And it was a mistake that is largely responsible for our 0-6 disaster. 

And sooner or later the true story about Jeff and Vince is going to come out.  Jeff is really upset at Vince.  Must be.  He's trying to make some point to Vince by treating him like this. 

If Collins does indeed start against the Jags, then it is a clear sign that Jeff has lost it, he does indeed of have no intention of starting Vince, and has no intention at trying to win now or later.  And that is independent of if Vince sucks or not. 

Jeff, you are completely responsible for this out of whack roster.  You are responsible for over-valueing the roster.  You misread it.  You were wrong.  The backups suck.  The D-Line sucks.  Amano isn't good.  Either are the rookies you drafted.  Or the many draft picks in the last few years that didn't pan an.  The return game isn't OK.  Your coordinators aren't good.  They make horrible play calls.  But they are making those bad calls within your crappy system. 

If you think playing the Pats as vanilla as possible, you are on drugs.  If you think an over-matched team can beat a team by playing its base offense and defense nearly every play, you are drunk. 

Your display against the Pats put this over the top for me.  You quit.  It doesn't matter what the players did.  You quit.

I called this back in week 2 when we lost to the Texans.  I know the Texans suck and when I saw they were better (both players and coaches) than the Titans this year, I knew things were bad.  I caught a lot of flack on here for saying so.  Many thought I was chicken little.  Not only was a sorta right, I was wrong in gauging the level of suck for our players and coaches.  They are even worse than I thought.

This is all your fault Jeff.  Since you don't seem to understand what is going on.  You will probably be blindsided when you get fired at the end of the season.  Rant off.

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