0-6, But I don't think they quit..Not on purpose that is.

They lost hope, and that's different, cause hope CAN be restored. That Patriots game was a mess, and players seemed so depressed and hopeless. I believe the 1st game of the season was SO important for this team. If we won it, things would be a lot different right now, I am almost sure of it. We lost that game, then the second one blew it in the 2nd half, and third fumbled it away, REALLY lost the 4th (the game their hope was officially lost), and they knew they'd lose the 5th and 6th with the injuries and loss of faith in coaches and the system, so they got creamed.

Whatever the case may be, the reason the Titans are 0-6 is because of the players on the field. The reason they are losing games now by an enormous margin and everything is in disarray, is because of the coaches.

The coaches are not doing their jobs properly. They are not successfully motivating the players or taking risks with the plays on offense or defense to bring excitement to the players. Every player that gets a nice catch, interception, tackle, or sack, plays harder each down after that cause they become more focused to do it again..that feeling is like a drug.

We have not scored a touchdown in 2 games..Field Goals aren't going to cut it. Why not try a reverse, play action, flea flicker, or anything to catch the defense off guard. The offense is so predictable. I believe the Titans players are bored of it cause its not working. They see they are failing and they want change, but the coaches are not listening or just being stubborn.

It's a classic parent-child relationship. Players are requesting change (Lendale White calling for Vince Young, Chris Johnson asking to try Wildcat, both wanting to be on the field at the same time for some plays), but coaches are saying "Nope, we know whats best, just listen to us or you'll be benched or fined."

and guess what..parents THINK they are right, but that doesn't mean they are..and these Titans coaches have been wrong for 6 weeks.

The players are needing a change, something to spark them. Easiest thing is to get VY on the field, not to chalk up the W's, but to make some plays to get excited about, and MAYBE put us in position to win.

When you see a player make a crazy play, you want to be like that..that excitement spreads like wildfire. How many exciting plays can Collins make? CJ does it all the time, but it must start at the QB position..he's the guy that's going to spread the ball around to give the players that chance.

On Defense, that's another story..we are just hurting with injuries and play calling. I think for that, Titans have to just heal up and play better. But what would help the defense, is keeping them off the field to rest, so the offense really needs to pick it up and eat a lot of time off the clock..which is classic Titans Offense, anyways.

Even though the first 6 weeks was a complete bust, I find myself excited to see what kind of team comes out in Week 8.

I do have a question though..after we come out and win 10 games in a row, and lose in the playoffs again. Is Jeff Fisher done? Is a Miracle Superbowl run the only way he'll save his job?

Also, is the Manning jersey Fisher wore an Omen that he'll be with another team next season? It was eerie seeing him in the wrong shade of blue.

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