Why we lost

Okay, so you can call me bitter if you want. I mean, why cry over spilt milk anyway? A game is a game, we lost so who wants to point fingers and point the blame anyway...I DO.

So you might disagree. But here is my top 10 reasons we lost the game, just something for fun to think about...

10. Wet field- Okay, so the wet field + physical play seems to leave everyone with injuries. So we had trouble, but they play on the same field so that don't matter too much.

9. Once Johnson was out, Gage became #1 in the game. And after a while, I imange he became heavly watched.

8. Does anyone else thing KVB maybe a bit rusty? I mean, I noticed a big difference in intensity after he hasn't been playing for a while. I mean perhaps it would  been better if Ball was in a bit more? But I don't know, just speculating

7. White is too one dimensional. I mean, Smash needs Dash. Thunder needs Lighting. Even if you have VY in there the other team isn't just looking for the big guy to run through a small hole all the time.  I mean at least give them someone else to look for. I really think they could have used Ganther a lot more once Johnson left.

6. The missed Field goal. I mean, it would have at least tied it up.

5. The WR problems. Okay, and what I mean by that is..Get rid of McCarrins. I was actually pretty glad to see him on the bench. And when Brandon Jones got in, things got a little bit better. But I had seen Paul Williams in there. Now who's idea was that? And I didn't see Hawkins or Davis even. I mean, we really need to pick up a WR in the free agency or something.

4. Harris Did a pretty good job, but I did notice a few botched snaps. I mean, that's a couple times that could have been game changers. Now if Mawae goes down, fine, but then use Amano as Center and put Harris as Guard. Amano is a much better Center than Harris.

3. Okay, so what if that bad delay of game call didn't mean anything...but what if it did? So here is a "what if" scenario...What if the titans defender paused for a minute thinking the play is going to get whistled dead, and suddenly it's not. That little bit of distraction could be the difference in a play.

2. Penalties. I-Nuff said.

and my number 1...No Johnson. I consider Johnson the savior of our team this year. I really think that despite everything else that happened, if Johnson was still in the game. It would have been won. Okay, maybe not. But I'll like to think so. Even things like getting closer for another field goal might have happend. Even with all the penalties and everything. The game is 100% different with him, I believe.
And that's it. Now some of those probably wouldn't have mattered and yes most of that is just ranting and raving. but I just wanted to get some things off my chest.  And well, I guess that's it for this year.

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