Tension in the Air over Titans QB Position

Is everyone ready for a constant soap opera regarding the Titans QB position?

The tension started last year as Vince had some unsightful moments at QB.  The tension surrounding Vince was alive despite the Titans making the playoffs.

The tension was muddied with the fact that the WR is pathetic.  Even the most adamant Vince haters admit the WR's are pathetic.

The tension surrounding Vince is also accelerated due to not looking like a typical QB.  He isn't white.  He is athletic.  He isn't afraid to run and in the past has excelled at running.  He reportedly did poorly on the Combine Intelligence test, which stoked the flames for thos saying he was stupid.  Most NFL observers expected him to suck his rookie year and refused to acknowledge he played well.  This is perfectly seen in Meril Hoge.

And now the opening game WIN has served to throw a gallon of gasoline on the Vince-Media-Fans-Titans-QB tensions.

Reports are that Vince is out 2-4 weeks with a torn MCL.

But what will be talked about even more will be the series of events that led to the injury.

After Finnegan made a great INT on a crucial 3rd down, Vince immediately threw an INT on a flare pass to the RB.  The throw was too low.  And the DE made a great play.

Coming off the field, it was apparent, Vince was beating himself up.

The cameras showed him on the bench with his head in his hands and Dinger next to him.  After a quick 3 and out, Vince was late getting on the field and Collins was warming up.

Fisher says it was because of Vince's hammy being tight.

The media says it was because Vince quit.

I've heard this story from those at the game.

On the sideline, Dinger was mad at Vince and told him he "would be Collins in".  Vince yelled back "go ahead" and then took off his helmet.  Fisher then intervened and got Vince back on the field, which 4 plays later saw him hurt his knee.

Some of the quotes from the players were interesting.  For instance, Bullock said something like "no one will quit on this side of the ball." Hall also said he doesn't know what is going on with Vince.  Scaife said Vince would never quit.

Either way, the tension surrounding Vince just went up 100 fold.

Clearly, the local and national media WANT there to be tension around Vince.  Just wait and see how much media attention this story will get.

The fans want there to be tension, as they booed Vince after the 2nd INT and will no doubt flood messageboards, blogs and sports talk radio with criticism of him.  And it will clash with those that defend him, thus raising the tension.

The players probably don't want tension, but will be hard pressed not to stoke it when pressed with multiple questions a day from the media about it (Fisher was asked 5 times in a row about the sideline incident).

Vince does not do enough to curb the tension.  He gets defensive when the media grills him.  He sulks on the sidelines.  Most of all, he isn't improving his play at a fast enough rate.

I have and will keep defending Vince.  He's a product of the atmosphere that is created around him.  2 years of dealing with Chow (who tried to force a square peg through a round hole).  2 years of throwing to inadequate WR's that couldn't start for half of the D1 college football teams.  2 years of listening to a media that wants to see him fail and prove their opinions right. 

However, I just can't see this thing having a good ending right now. 

And if this Vince-related tension derails a season where we might have the #1 defense in the NFL at a time when the Chargers, Colts and Pats look beatable, me and every other fan is going to go crazy.

In the next few weeks, I'm guessing that the calls for Collins to be the full time starter will be muted by Collins playing terrible.  Doesn't anyone remember why Vince played his rookie season anyway?  It was b/c Collins was 0-4 and had the offense playing bad, really really really bad.  This year will be no different with Collins. 

But just b/c Collins plays bad doesn't mean the chorus of negative comments about Vince will cease.  In fact they will likely go up even further this season even if Collins plays bad.

This year, a great defense and run game are going to be overshadowed by tension surrounding Vince.  The media and fans alike will make sure of it.

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