Our Fearless Leaders - In The Office form.

Alright, so these are some pretty strange fanposts now, aren't they... I promise, I'm not going to tell you that I want to Chris Johnson in bed or that all of you are lazy couch potatoes. 

I'm here to try to re-uncover who makes this site great. I'm talking about those mods all the way at the bottom of the page! And let's see which Office characters they remind me of.

Let's see...

Jimmy - He's our fearless leader. While he can be blunt as a knife at times, and sharp as a rock at others, he gets his point across. He's the one that started this site, and without him you wouldn't be here right now. Almost brings a tear to my eyes. Almost.

I would compare Jimmy to The Office's Jim Halpert. Maybe that's because Gramsey calls him Tuna though. Jim compares to  Jimmy in their sense of humor, and if I actually met Jimmy, I really would expect him to look and act just like Jim Halpert.

August West - The second one to come aboard the MCM train. August brings us our daily dose of links everyday, and without him, MCM would be in the dumps without much coverage everyday. He's a vital part of this site, and works very hard to get those links to us every day, along with his analysis. I would say I probably respect his analysis more than anyone else on this site, and I look forward to what he writes everyday.

I would compare August to a combination of the Office character Oscar Martinez. He's the hardest working one here, and brings awesome stuff to the site each and every day.

Gramsey712 - What the hell is wrong with you? I'm sure you get that a lot. That's a good thing. Like Jimmy, you are blunt and honest, but blunt and honest to the extreme. You are MCM's official hater, and you get to ban everyone and keep everyone in line. Awesome. Gramsey has a sharp sense of humor that pierces souls.

I would compare Gramsey to a combination of The Office characters Andy Bernard and Michael Scott. With a hint of Angela.

Aditya/smashville - Sorry fellas, but I think I have to say that smash is my favorite MCM mod. Since he joined years ago, t he has helped bring MCM to an entirely new level. Smash has brought in many interviews. Smash has written some great stuff recently (you should write more, by the way). Smash has done some awesome wallpapers and does the game threads every week. While all in high school. Feel down about your life now? Perhaps the greatest thing Smash has done is bring in an actual NFL player to blog for the site. Unprecedented

Smash is the jack of all trades, and he is The Office character Ryan Howard. 

Hal41605 - I don't know anything about Hal. He never shows up. Hal is Creed Bratton. Or Stanley. I don't know, he never shows up.

Finally, SuperHorn - SuperHorn is the newest member of the MCM cast and crew. He has evolved from a VY fanboy to a Tennessee Titans writer to the extreme. While his work takes a long time to write, understandable considering the awesome quality, he has perhaps the greatest articles on the site. SuperHorn is more prominent in the comments, when he can argue any case to it's death.

SuperHorn is Darrell Philbin.

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