Discussing Areas of Strength/Weakness for Titans

I have no idea how this Diary (fanposts, whatever they are called now) will come out.

It is essentially a larger discussion of something I said in the preseason game thread.....and it isn't all inclusive....give me examples in the comments of what I missed or what you think I'm wrong about....

Areas/Players We are Strong In

--Haynesworth/KVB combo...right now I see them as our anchor on defense and I don't anticipate a single offensive line in the NFL that can neutralize them....we should all pray every night they stay healthy all season....our season rides on their health...

--Finnegan at CB....Finnegan is on pace (IMO) to be the best CB in Titans (hell, maybe Oiler) history.  He will not get thrown at very often this season.

--Griffin at S...Griff had an up and down rookie year, but I see him being a top defensive player this year..

--Bullock/Thornton....solid...nuff said...

--Running Game....even without the last preseason game, this was a known...LenDale is going to be consistent pounding the rock....and CJ just made it twice as good....

--OLine....solid, top to bottom....I was worried about the Guard position, but they seem to be fine....we couldn't ask for better line play, IMO....

--Fuller at Nickel, he has turned into a solid nickel good, that we need to lock him up long term right now while we have the cap space and no one can come in and offer him a starting CB role...

--Defensive Attitude....the number one thing that defines the Titans right now is a hard hitting, aggressive, mean as hell, defense.......the practice against the Rams was the perfect example of our defense....we get into fights....we hit hard...we are pissed off at the world....I was ready to kill Mr. Red Hat 2 years ago, but now he is looking golden.....

Major Injury Concerns

--Harper....can he stay on the field?  I think this concussion business is bad news....More on what happens when he doesn't below. he going to be the Hope of old, or will he play it safer and be just average?  I get the feeling he is one hit from being out all season....more on his backup in a bit.

--Haynesworth.....Gotta get those hammy's in shape, our season rides on them...

--LenDale.....he played all last season hurt, so we probably shouldn't be worried, but with his grind it out running style and out of shape body, there is a 0% chance he is healthy by Week 10.

--Mawea....he is just too old...

--Bironas/Hinrich....I just don't have a good feeling about them, but their backups we can sign are adequate, so whatever....

Areas From Last Year We Need to Improve, Which I Think Will Improve

--Explosiveness in the Running game....I love LenDale, but we lacked any explosion last year......CJ is here to save us from 25 straight 3-yard rushes.....thank goodness....what a draft pick....i'm in love....

--Play calling........last year Norm Chow almost single handedly killed our offense.....even if Dinger sucks, it will be better than Chow....

Areas From Last Year We Need to Improve, Which I Don't Think (or am Not Sure) We Will Improve

--Redzone offense......we have Crumpler, so it has to improve some, but I am just skeptical....I don't know what it is.....Is it it it the play the fact that the field is shortened and our offense suffers for it....Redzone offense is the #1 priority right now, IMO....

--Kickoff return game.......I made no secrets about how bad we were last year at the return absoluately killed our offense starting inside teh 20 all the time.....killed it....can Carr improve it?  I don't know, but I hope he can....if not, he should get cut and we go find someone who can...maybe just use CJ....

--Backup CB and S....if Reynadlo "throw it may way if you want a 1st Down" HIll has to play and/or Calvin "I have no idea how to take the right angle" Lowry have to start, our secondary is complete toast......our defense only works when everyone is weak link kills us...whether that is when AH is hurt, or when the MLB can't stuff the run....or when one CB is bad.....our defense is significantly worse when just one position is weak....right now Hill and Lowry are the two weak links....

--Along that same thought, can our defense survive without AH?  This is the million dollar question b/c he will not be playing all 16 games....we have to be able to find a way to stuff the run without him.....our season rides on it....

--WR's.....the two big things our WR's suck at is gaining separation one-on-one and also simply catching the ball......I have no confidence either aspect of their play will improve.....In Week 10, I guarantee we are still complaining about our WR's....

Vince Young

You might have noticed I did not mention Vince Young one time above.

That was on purpose.....First off, I am a Vince-apalogist...he can do no wrong in my eyes....hahahaha

Being more serious, here is my reason for not mentioning him....

As long as he is being asked (by either the fans, media, or coaching staff) to be a Montana/Brady/Manning type of pocket passer, he will fail in their eyes....

We drafted Vince to be a playmaker, unique, running, generational-QB.  We drafted Vince to do stuff no other QB has done before or can currently do.  We drafted Vince because he is hard to tackle in the open field.  We drafted Vince because he puts pressure on the defense with his ability to get a 1st down with his legs at any time.  We drafted Vince because he is a different animal when the bright lights and pressure are the brightest and he is backed into a corner. 

The media doesn't like how he gets defensive when questioned about his shortcomings.

The fans don't like his passing game.

I think they are both crazy.

His defensiveness is what makes him put teams on his shoulders and mount comebacks that seem impossible.

His inconsistent passing game is why he isn't a pocket passer.

Until we get an offensive coordinator that lets Vince loose, he will be questioned by the media/fans. 

Until we get an offensive coordinator that gets Vince on the edge (by design) as much as possible, he will not live up to his hype. 

Until we get Vince WR's who can beat a CB one-on-one (we currently have none), then teaching Vince to identify man-to-man coverage is useless exercise.

I'm not worried about Vince.  I'm worried about our fans going crazy when he doesn't throw for 75% and no INT's. I'm worried about the shelf life of each offensive coordinator who refuses to create an offense around Vince's unique talents instead of forcing Vince into their offensive system. I'm worried about not addressing the WR positions adequately and selling Vince's development of reading the coverage short.

Ok, I've written enough.....I've probably left off some stuff I wanted to say.....


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