7/27 Training Camp Report

Today's training camp was the first in shoulder pads and my first to watch this season. The team worked on field 3 (the far one) for about two and a half hours beginning with stretches, position drills, small unit work, and finishing with 11 on 11.

I stood on the 10 yard line away from the bubble for the duration of the practice and got great looks at the running backs doing individual drills, the linebackers and safeties working against the running backs and tight ends, the O-line and D-line working against each other, and the 11 on 11 work.

Here are my thoughts on the day:

Chris Johnson - Runs individual drills lazily, didn't impress catching the ball, but he definitely shows up during the full team work, fast and agile

Chris Davis - Will not make the team, consistently dropped passes and punts

Albert Haynesworth - Didn't look like he missed anything at all by not coming to OTAs, dude is a beast

Kyle Vanden Bosch - I expect him to repeat at the Pro Bowl this year. When working against Michael Roos it was about half success, half failure, but against anyone else he absolutely dominated.

Jevon Kearse - Looked good in drills, they was a funny moment when a trainer was working on his right arm during the full team drills and Jim Washburn looks over and yells, "Are you two bullshitting or is he actually hurt?" A couple of plays later Tony Joiner (a fellow Florida alum) put a massive hit on Craig Stevens in the flat and Kearse was seen doing the Gator Chomp from the sideline.

Vince Young - Looked excellent. The 53 yard bomb to McCarreins was thrown perfectly, but I was more impressed by work he did working with just the backs and tight ends. I recall numerous plays from last season when Vince would throw poorly to the flats, hitting Ahmard Hall or LenDale White in the feet. I watched him throw these routes with all of his back today, and Vince was perfect every time.

Biren Ealy - Caught everything thrown his way, the dude is going to impress this year. He is very shifty. Reminds me a little of what Wes Welker does in the open field.

Jason Jones/William Hayes - You'll hear Washburn yelling at these two a lot in drills because they are raw, but make no mistake they are going to develop into some excellent linemen.

That's all I remember off the top of my head, but feel free to ask about anyone I left out. Things are looking good from July 27th. Go Titans!

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