My random not so random draft thoughts

K... So I was fuming yesterday. Had a few drinks and didn't want to say much after I saw our first pick. Really glad I didn't.

After sleeping on it and giving it some more thought today, I like the Chris Johnson pick.  I had said over and over I didn't want to take a RB having picked Chris Henry and Lendale in the 2nd rd over the last 2 drafts.  If the Titans had him rated as their top player available in the skill position/playmaking threat category and they don't think Chris Henry is the guy for the job, there is no reason to waste any more time on him in which case I have no problem with the pick. Its becoming pretty clear Johnson was one of a few guys they had targeted for the pick and it wasn't just a shot in the dark. I think we have historically drafted well as an organization, so I trust us if that makes any sense.

This pick MIGHT represent the Front office telling us they F'd up with the C.Henry pick,  and I can respect that. It happens to the best of us. I emphasize MIGHT because realistically we could also make the assumption that the Titans love Chris Henry and think he and Johnson are the future backs for this franchise not Lendale. I know, it looks ridiculous to me as I type it.  Henry to me showed in his small sample of playing time that he has the size and speed to make plays, big plays. Lendale has not. Maybe we are looking at a future tandem of Henry/Johnson, just a thought.

Obviously a lot of us were way off projecting the WR talent in this draft.  When the 1st WR to go is Donnie Avery and its in the 2nd rd I can now look at it and say it would have been a mistake to take one. Thats coming from someone that wanted a WR(Devin Thomas) more than anyone.

The only player I'm really baffled we passed on is Merling.  I thought he was a great fit for our defense. I don't claim to know as much as Fish or M.R. so I can't question the move, especially seeing as 2 D-lineman went before Merling after we picked.

I don't know enough about the dude J.Jones we picked in the 2nd rd to even comment on it. I will just say I really hope our front office did some great scouting and got a steal. Fish says a few teams called directly afterwards and said they were ready to pick him with their next pick. I would say that also if I was in his position. Who knows?

Craig Stevens- Hmmmmmm A TE? Disagree with the pick.

We have Crumpler, Scaife, and we just signed Blakley. Why Why Why? I would rather have spent the money on Hartstock than spend a 3rd on a blocking TE. Hartstock was very good in this role.  They are saying they can develop him into a downfield threat due to his speed, what about the ability to run routes and hold onto passes?

William Hayes- Who? What? Whatever. Again I hope Fisher and M.R. are as smart as I think they are.

Latrell Hawkins- Great pick. Dude was tearing DBs to shreds the whole Senior Bowl week. He seems to play much faster and more athletic than the combine and pro day numbers. Looks to me like a natural. I think we are going to be really happy with this pick down the road. I'm counting on Paul Williams, Roydell, and Gage to be the Wrs that give th biggest contributions this season. Maybe we get something out of Hawkins, that would be a great bonus. As for Paul Williams I'm just going on a hunch. Brandon Jones sucks! And he's done nothing to prove otherwise.

Keglar- Key letters Keg. Sounds like a good prospect.

Cary Williams- Hopefully we get lucky and get another Finnegan.

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