10 Questions....tell me what you think....MCM discussion time

We are now halfway done with preseason games and training camp is set to end this week too....

I thought I would ask some intriguing questions regarding the Titans this year and see what the Music City Miracles community has to say on each one...

Most of these questions are ones we have all been discussing everyday on here...I just thought I would make a diary to see our community sum up their mid-preseason thoughts on the Titans...

My main question is in bold, even though I elaborate after that with more statements and questions to help the discussion along.

1. What are your expectations for Vince this year?  It seems to me that how happy any Titan fan is with Vince this year will be determined by what your expectations for him are.  Certainly his outstanding rookie campaign has raised his expectations beyond most sophomore QB's.  But are those expectations too high?

2. At this point, are you confident with the White-Brown-Henry trio this year at RB?  Which of the 3 do you like the best?  Should we have brought Brown back?  Was letting Travis Henry go the right move?  Was picking Chris Henry in the 2nd round the sound move?  Should we be concerned about LenDale's injury and weight issues?  Will we ever see that bruising RB that played in the Rose Bowl show up in Titan Blue?  All in all, there are so many questions at the running back position, it is hard to stop asking questions regardign these 3 guys...

3. Did we upgrade the WR position over the offseason?  It was no secret that upgrading the WR position was a must for the Titans this offseason.  MR and Fisher decided on letting Drew and Wade go and replace them with (at least) 3 rookies, 1 unproven young WR (gage) and one proven but old WR (moulds).  Did we accomplish the task of getting Vince better weapons in the passing game?  What is your view on the short-term vs long-term potential of our WR group?  Who is going emerge as the go-to WR?

4. Do you agree with moving (and keeping) Griffin at CB?  This seems to be one of the hot topics in Titan-land nowadays.  Griffin, Cortland and Harper all look like potential starters, but only 2 will start obviously.  However, we still have a gaping hole at FS with LT, Fuller, and Lowry battling for the starting spot alongside Hope.  

5. In your opinion, what is the strength of our O-Line?  Run blocking or pass blocking?  By most accounts we have a solid O-Line that will only be getting better in the coming years.  For me, the growth and potential of our offensive line is the most exciting aspect behind Vince as it relates to future success for the Titans.

6. How much will losing Pacman hurt the Titans in the return game (and field position) and how will it affect our record?  Can anyone on our roster come close to duplicating Pac's return game success?  How much of his success was because of his skills and how much was related to good blocking and scheming?

7. What player or a storyline will come out of virtually nowhere and grab major attention in Titan-land?  Last year I think we had more than a couple storylines that were not predicted.  With Vince's 4th quarter success and our unprobable 7 game winning streak taking the cake.  What will it be this year?  Heck, it might not even be positive (see question #10).  Either way, I think someone or something will come out of nowhere and surprise us.  What will it be?  I bet White will say an Odom Pro-bowl...haha...

8. Can we sweep the Colts this year?  Maybe it isn't the right mindset, but I feel the 2 colts games each year are more important than any of the other 14 games.  Splitting the series last year was great and I felt like we should have won both?  Will we this year?  How much does having so many ex-Colts on defense help our chances?  Personally I feel that Schwartz is at his best calling a game against the Colts.  Will the Colts games be shootouts or defensive struggles?

9. What do you think of Norm Chow's offense?  Does it suit Vince?  Do you anticipate seeing stuff we've never seen before this year?  Which sets do you like the best?  Should we keep Vince in shotgun more?  Any other general comments about our offensive sets and typical plays?

10. How worried (if any) are you about Fisher getting a contract extension this year?

Update [2007-8-22 11:51:18 by Jimmy]: This was submitted by Zack yesterday. I have added to the front page so everyone can see it and take part.

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