If you think about it...we didn't do all that bad

So Okay, you maybe thinking like I did. Okay..Titans are fixing to pick...who are we getting..A great WR, DE, CB?!...Free Safty?! But we did end up with a great player once you think about it,

"In 50 games at Texas, Griffin started 28 times. He ranks eighth in school history with 368 tackles (234 solos). He produced four sacks for minus-46 yards, 14½ stops for losses of 78 yards and 13 quarterback pressures. He recovered seven fumbles and caused nine others. His eight blocked kicks set a school career record and rank second in NCAA Division I-A history. He deflected 23 passes and intercepted eight others for 41 yards (5.1 avg.) in returns. He also totaled 124 yards on six blocked punt returns (20.7 avg.). On special teams, he posted 49 tackles (36 solos)."

So no, maybe not the guy we thought we needed. But he'll greatly help our (Ranked lowest, althought we're not really that bad) defense.

So okay, we didn't get a highly rated WR. But I think we can find some hidden talent out of 3. I think Vince has a unique way of playing and it maybe better to see what works with him the best.

Also, I think Chris Henry is better than his stats say...This is from the Titan's site about Chris:

(on the significance of Chris Henry not doing anything special to prepare for the combine to boost his attributes)

When I went to work the guy out I knew that his personal workout was not equal to what you saw on film, so there has to be a reason why. As Jeff said, we did our homework, talking to the coaching staff there, talking to other people. As I related to the coaches, quite clearly, the kid had the ability; it was the system that kept him from being productive. As we worked him out you could see the power, the explosion, the quickness, and the hands. Man how come you're not playing? So I talked to the strength coach and the strength coach laid it out real clear. He said this kid put up with a lot the past three years. He kept it together. He worked hard in practice. When he got an opportunity, he did the best he could, but it was a system in which he really had to endure some hardships.

We also got some other great players and I think Titans '07 is going to be better that Titans '06....Or am I just a sad optimist that's just hopeful. I don't know what do you think?

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